Academic Facilities and Infrastructure: $50 Million

To provide students with the best educational experience, it is necessary to regularly invest in critical infrastructure and academic facilities. The CSU proposes using $50 million of the request to finance needed facility and infrastructure projects. These projects will address critical infrastructure needs, renovate existing buildings, and expand capacity for growth in new student enrollment. The CSU five-year capital plan identifies the priority needs of each of the 23 campuses and is based on the categories and criteria approved by the Board of Trustees. The priorities are consistent with the state's priorities of critical infrastructure, energy efficiency, and life safety projects.

The five-year plan identifies a systemwide need in 2023-24 alone that exceeds $4.2 billion to address academic infrastructure and facility needs. The $50 million in the 2023-24 budget request will help finance approximately $750 million of the priority projects identified by the campuses and the Chancellor's Office. While the 2023-24 Capital Plan is still being developed, the table below summarizes some of the CSU's highest priority projects that could be funded with this additional support.

Category Project Description Total Budget
Existing Infrastructure Statewide Infrastructure Improvements$510,000,000
Existing FacilityReplacement Facilities (Seismic)$170,000,000
New FacilitySciences & Engineering–Growth$71,000,000

For more information on specific projects and priorities, please reference the CSU five-year capital plan​.