Mandatory Costs: $40.5 Million

Mandatory costs are expenditures the university must pay regardless of the level of funding allocated by the state, and they often increase despite growing, flat or declining state support. The 2022-23 operating budget request includes $40.5 million for increases due to inflation on non-personnel expenditures, maintenance of new facilities and minimum wage rate.​

​Mandatory Cost Increases​

Inflation on Non-Personnel Expenditures
Maintenance of New Facilities
​Minimum Wage

Inflation on Non-Personnel Expenditures

Inflation impacts all areas of the university and, for the most part, salary and benefit cost increases are addressed through collective bargaining and state budgetary processes. Over the past decade, the CSU operating costs have increased on variety of expenses such as technology, instructional equipment, library subscriptions, supplies, contracts, insurance and any other non-personnel expenditures. The 2022-23 operating budget request includes $29.6 million for increases due to cost-of-living adjustment.

Maintenance of New Facilities

The CSU is scheduled to open 149,467 square feet of new facilities in 2022-23. The cost to fund regular maintenance of these facilities is $20.70 per square foot, for a total of $3.1 million in 2022-23. Regular maintenance of new facilities includes the cost of utilities, building maintenance, custodial, landscape and administrative support.

Additional Information – Campus Detail​

Minimum Wage Increase

In January 2022, the California minimum wage will increase from $14 per hour to $15 per hour. The estimated annualized cost of the increase on CSU campuses is $7.8 million.