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Chancellor's Message

Thanks in large part to the state’s steadfast financial support, the California State University stands as a beacon of inclusive excellence and value in a higher education landscape increasingly plagued by issues of access and affordability. The CSU is the nation’s largest and most economically, ethnically and racially diverse four-year university system, providing an affordable, high-quality education to 482,000 students.

The CSU’s remarkable value proposition continues to be acknowledged—and lauded—nationally. In fact, the Washington Monthly included each of the CSU’s 23 campuses in its 2019 “Bang for the Buck” rankings, noting that “the California State University system continues to dominate…showing a commitment to upward mobility across the system and across the state.”

Indeed, the CSU is a powerful engine for social mobility through the life-changing opportunities higher education provides. But we stand ready to do more for Californians, for whom a college degree has never been more important in our global knowledge economy. And we can do more for California, which requires an increasingly educated workforce to drive the state’s future prosperity. I believe our trustees’ budget plan represents a vital and effective path forward. With this plan, the CSU will:

  • Increase authentic access through enrollment growth, so that more Californians from all backgrounds can earn a degree, equipped with the knowledge, skills and personal qualities they need to succeed.
  • Elevate student success for all while eliminating equity gaps for historically underserved students via Graduation Initiative 2025.
  • Repair and modernize our aging facilities and infrastructure to promote academic achievement while providing the safest possible environment for our students, faculty and staff.
  • Promote our students’ mental and physical well-being while supporting their basic needs, including housing and food security.
  • Ensure welcoming, inclusive campus environments, including space, programming and dedicated staff to support first-generation students and students of color.
  • Continue to collaborate and cooperate with the other segments of California’s public higher education system to increase educational opportunities for all Californians.

Momentum is building at the CSU. We are awarding record numbers of degrees. Completion rates are at all-time highs. More is being done than ever before to ensure authentic access to an affordable quality education for all, regardless of income, background, gender, race, ethnicity or status.

With your commitment to provide the necessary financial support, that momentum will continue to build, propelling California toward its brightest future. Let’s make that future a reality—together.​