Academic Facilities and Infrastructure

$80 million

The CSU proposes using $80 million of the $554.3 million request to fund academic facilities and infrastructure projects. Ten years after the Great Recession, the CSU has made progress to recondition, refurbish and revitalize its critical utility infrastructure. However, the enormity of the facilities and infrastructure needs demands a greater response to ensure the CSU can appropriately serve its students. In support of the request for permanent base funding, the CSU Five-Year Capital Plan identifies the priority needs of each of the 23 campuses and their off-campus centers.

The plan identifies renewal/replacement needs of existing buildings and new facilities to accommodate growth and improve student access.

The Board of Trustees annually approves categories and criteria for capital outlay priority setting. The priorities are consistent with the state’s priorities of critical infrastructure, life safety projects, renovation/modernization of existing facilities and new facilities to increase capacity to serve the existing and projected enrollment. The Five-Year Plan requires over $10 billion to address our academic infrastructure and facilities needs. The $80 million in the 2019-20 budget request will help fund or finance approximately $1.2 billion of the $10 billion in priority projects identified by the campuses. 

For more information on specific projects and priorities, see the CSU Five-Year Capital Plan.