Tuition Fee Waivers

State law mandates five systemwide tuition fee waiver programs, with the newest program created in September 2018 for foster youth:

  • California Veterans Waiver for children of disabled/deceased veterans (Education Code section 66025.3);
  • Alan Pattee Waiver for dependents of deceased law enforcement or fire suppression personnel (Education Code section 68120);
  • Current or former foster youth (Education Code section 66025.3);
  • California residents who were dependents of victims killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks (Education Code section 68121); and
  • Student trustees (Education Code section 66602).

The CSU also offers systemwide tuition fee waivers for employees and their dependents pursuant to collective bargaining agreements, executive orders and CSU policy. Other discretionary tuition and fee waiver programs have been established by the CSU Board of Trustees and California statute for programs such as high school students participating in special programs, California residents age 60 or older, or certain study abroad students.

In 2017-18, 15,383 tuition fee waivers were granted to CSU students, totaling approximately $76.2 million in waived tuition. The state has not provided any General Fund support for any CSU tuition waiver program since 1992-93.

​Tuition Fee Waivers by Category 2017-18

​Waiver Category
Waivers Granted
​Cal Vet
8,979 $50,558,388
​Alan Pattee 26 ​​$147,354
​CSU Employees 1,615 ​​$6,443,440
Employee Dependents ​ 1,794 ​$6,204,308 ​
CA Resident 60+ ​ 286 ​$1,454,897 ​
HS Student Special Prog. 2,126 ​$8,191,513
​Grad/Teaching Asst. 558 ​$​3,171,123
​Total 15,383 ​$76,171,023 ​