Maintenance of New Facilities

Each year, the CSU opens new facilities across the 23 campuses. For 2019-20, the CSU is opening over 404,000 square feet of new facilities, as shown in the table below. At a per square foot rate of $11.75 for 2019-20, the CSU is requesting just over $4.7 million to fully fund the maintenance requirements of these new facilities. Regular maintenance of new facilities includes the cost of utilities, building maintenance, custodial, landscape, and administrative support. This funding will sustain budgets needed to open and operate new buildings and will help slow the growth in the CSU’s $3.7 billion deferred maintenance backlog.

While the maintenance of new facilities is currently calculated at $11.75 per square foot, this cost standard should be more appropriately budgeted at $17.64 per square foot to recognize the added cost of major repairs and renovations that occur as buildings age. Campuses use productivity and efficiency management strategies to satisfy a portion of this unfunded need, but they often have to delay repairs. Consequently, these delays and the unfunded need have contributed to the growth in the deferred maintenance backlog to $3.7 billion.

Campus Facility # Facility Name Completion
Date (M-Y)
Square Footage Amount at $11.75/sqft
Channel Islands036Madera HallAug-186,418$75,000
054Modoc HallAug-182,22626,000
8,644 $102,000
Dominguez Hills51Center for Science and InnovationOct-19 108,350 $1,273,000
Chico103Science Replacement BuildingApr-20110,209$1,295,000
13Whitney HallJan-181,51018,000
74Sutter HallJan-181,29215,000
113,011 $1,328,000
Fresno050APeters Business AnnexJan-19 5,443 $64,000
Humboldt040A Schatz Energy Research Center Aug-17 2,442 $29,000
Maritime Academy50Police DepartmentJun-17 3,810 $45,000
Monterey Bay504College of Arts, Humanities and Social SciencesJun-19 48,032 $564,000
Sacramento56AErnest E. Tschannen Science ComplexJun-1996,631$1,135,000
64ASoftball/Soccer RestroomsApr-185436,000
97,174 $1,142,000
San Bernardino044ACajon HallJul-18 4,710 $55,000
San Luis Obispo82Warehouse FacilityJan-18 12,436 $146,000
Total Amount for New Facilities 404,052 $4,748,000