Deferred Maintenance Backlog

$250 Million

The CSU seeks an additional $250 million of one-time funding to further address the growing maintenance backlog of building and utility infrastructure systems that have passed their useful life. Over 56 percent of the academic buildings (in gross square feet) are at least 40 years old. Maintenance costs are increasing each year as heating and air conditioning systems become less efficient, equipment is outdated, and custom replacement parts are needed to keep equipment operational. Increased funding is a key element in our plan to address our aging facilities. The previous support from the state for deferred maintenance was used to cofund projects across the system to stretch our limited resources.

As an example, over the last year, the CSU cofunded the reassessment of facility renewal needs with the campuses to confirm the accuracy of the renewal backlog and improve the level of detail in the building deficiencies. The reassessment determined that the renewal backlog was $3.7 billion. 

The requested funds will address critical deficiencies throughout the 23 campuses to continue essential operations, reduce the likelihood of catastrophic failures and meet current code requirements to operate safe facilities. Major building systems that have exceeded the expected service life will be modernized to enable campuses to operate utilities more effectively, improve heating and air conditioning systems efficiency, reduce energy and lighting costs, reduce water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and extend the useful life of existing facilities. Utility and infrastructure systems such as centralized heating and cooling, electrical distribution and domestic water production are examples of maintained infrastructure between campus buildings that have been added to the renewal backlog.

The one-time funding will be spent on projects on a pay-as-you-go basis.