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Chancellor's Message

California has always been a state of possibilities and potential, fueled by people whose faith in the future remains remarkably resilient.

Indeed, people have always been California’s greatest resource. We are a society of inquirers, of innovators and idealists, who collectively recognized decades ago that a college degree was the key to a brighter future. Our state’s investment in the master plan for higher education transformed California because it transformed the lives of millions of Californians; gratefully, I am one of them.

The result of that vision is an economy among the mightiest in the world. Technology and business flourish because of our educated workforce. Agriculture, construction, health care, financial services, manufacturing, hospitality and so much mo​re—all benefit from the extraordinary educational opportunities made available to Californians from all walks of life.

That key to California’s bright future is equally valid today—but only if it remains affordable. The California State University remains firmly committed to opening the doors of opportunity to all qualified Californians. Such a mission, however, requires a connected commitment from the state to provide necessary financial support. Indeed, the best way to keep California moving forward is through a robust investment in the CSU.

With that investment, the CSU will:

  • Elevate student success via Graduation Initiative 2025, removing barriers to achievement and implementing innovative approaches to learning and teaching;
  • Compensate our employees fairly, ensuring the best and brightest academic minds and crucial staff members remain in California, educating our next generation of achievers;
  • Focus on maintaining affordability while enhancing our offerings and outreach;
  • Expand access through enrollment growth, ensuring that more Californians are able to enroll in the CSU and earn a degree; and
  • Renew and repair our aging facilities and infrastructure to provide the best and safest environment for students, faculty and staff.

Increasingly, California has become a beacon to the world. With the state’s steadfast financial support of the CSU, we can continue to keep that ideal alive and thriving. We stand ready to welcome the inquisitive, the innovative, the creative, the hopeful and the dreamers who have made California a truly golden state. We ask you to join us in making that future possible.