Sources of Funds

The CSU proposes a $7.3 billion operating budget for 2019-20, with $4.1 billion from the state General Fund and $3.2 billion from tuition and fee revenue. This budget plan is an increase of $554.3 million over the 2018-19 operating budget. This includes significant investments to the CSU so we can continue to serve as the key to California’s prosperous economy, now ranked as the fifth largest in the world.

General Fund Increase​ $456,035,000
Operating Budget​$376,035,000​ ​
​Academic Facilities and Infrastructure
​$80,000,000 ​
Tuition from 5% Enrollment Growth​$98,309,000
​(18,207 Full-Time Equivalent Students' Revenue)
TOTAL NEW SOURCES $554,344,000