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Chancellor’s Message

We Californians have big plans for the future.

We plan to lead in infrastructure, constructing new roads, expanding and greening ports, retrofitting our buildings and developing 21st century transportation systems.

We plan to lead in technology, building upon our half-century legacy as the birthplace of the modern Internet to develop the next generations of computers, software, electric cars and reusable rockets.

We plan to lead in diversity, ensuring that all Californians, regardless of background, gender, race, orientation, ethnicity, nationality, circumstance or status, have the same opportunity to contribute to their communities and our state.

And we plan to lead in sustainability, developing new ways to generate energy, reduce carbon emissions and pollutants, responsibly grow the nation’s food supply, and make certain that future generations are healthy.

These plans – and our success in meeting them – will move California’s economy, society, and people forward together toward shared prosperity, equity and opportunity for success.

Of course, we know that in order to achieve these plans, we must also plan to lead in public higher education. Californians expect it.

The California State University and its 23 campuses will continue to lead, but we need a commitment from the state that matches our ambitious plans to save the state’s future-built goals.

Indeed, the only way to move California forward on its plans is through robust investment in the CSU. With this year’s operating budget plan, the CSU will:

  • Ensure quality through Graduation Initiative 2025 by keeping standards high, removing barriers to achievement, and providing students with necessary tools, advice and resources;
  • Compensate our employees fairly, allowing our world-class and dedicated faculty and staff to serve our students and take pride in the CSU;
  • Maintain affordability through an increased investment by the state;
  • Expand access through enrollment growth, ensuring that more Californians are able to enroll in the CSU and earn a degree; and
  • Renew and repair our aging facilities and infrastructure to provide the best environment possible for students to engage with faculty in learning, research, creative pursuits and discovery.

With your steadfast support for our operating budget plan and robust investment in the CSU, we will fulfill our six-decade-plus mission to serve the people of California.

Let’s work toward the future, together.