2018-19 Operating Budget

​The 2018-19 Operating Budget request builds on the recent successes of the California State University, while also allowing the system to aggressively pursue ways to reach our goals for student success.​

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  • ​Chancellor's Message

    The CSU has big plans for the future and a fully-funded budget from the state will allow us to reach our ambitious goals.

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2018-19 Budget Plan Summary

​If you’re wondering how the money given to the CSU has been allocated, where it comes from, and how it would be spent in 2018-19, these tables will help answer those questions.

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Three-Year Bud​get Summary and Highlig​​​hts
Sources of Revenue
Distribution of Budget Increases

Sources of ​Funds

The State General Fund and tuition revenue are the biggest sources of funding for the California State University.

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Uses of Funds​

Graduation Initiative 2025, compensation, benefits for faculty and staff, and improvements to campus facilities are among the CSU’s biggest expenses.

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​CSU Financial Aid

Every year, the system foregoes significant revenue to ensure thousands of students with the greatest financial need can attend the CSU.

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The CSU Today

Our 23 campuses now serve more than 480,000 students and last year graduated 119,000 students, setting a new record.

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One-Time Requests

The 2018-19 Operating Budget included requests for additional one-time, non-recurring investments from the state as well.​

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Supp​l​emen​tal Documentation

You can find more information and the data used to create the 2018-19 Operating Budget in these tables.

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