Parking Program

The Parking Program provides campus-parking facilities as authorized under the provisions of Section 89701 of the Education Code. The program itself is self-supporting and derives most of its revenues from parking fees paid by students, faculty, staff and visitors. Additional income is available from interest on retained earnings.

Consistent with CSU objectives for increased accountability at the campus levels, management of all operations of the parking program is decentralized to the campus level. Campuses deposit parking fee revenue into a campus-specific parking fund and have the authority to expend those funds directly. Parking fee revenue expenditures are restricted to the acquisition, construction and maintenance of campus parking facilities.  The total projected revenue for fiscal year 2017-18 provides approximately $118.1 million for parking operations. From this amount, approximately $28.2 million is used for debt service payments of principal and interest on revenue bonds issued to finance construction and major renovations of parking facilities.

To facilitate the trustees’ policy of providing adequate parking throughout the system at the lowest possible fee, every effort is made to minimize operating costs. The 2017-18 proposed budget incorporates r​eimbursements to the General Fund for supervising and dispatching services provided by the campuses. Expenditures relating to utilities, communications, and support services provided by the General Fund are reflected as direct or indirect costs, as appropriate.

The California State University had a total of 156,123 temporary and permanent spaces as of July 1, 2016. By the end of 2017-18, the projected total number of usable parking spaces is 161,113.

Parking S​paces By Location

Bakersfield3,481 3,657 3,657
Channel Islands2,445 2,445 2,445
Chico2,062 2,062 2,062
Dominguez Hills4,881 4,881 4,881
East Bay4,925 5,493 5,493
Contra Costa894 894 894
Fresno8,233 8,233 8,233
Fullerton10,425 10,425 10,425
Humboldt2,105 2,105 2,105
Long Beach13,982 14,125 14,125
Los Angeles7,711 7,751 7,751
Maritime ​772 956 956
Monterey Bay3,771 3,773 3,773
Northridge11,951 11,951 11,951
Pomona10,756 12,556 ​12,556
Sacramento13,091 12,417 14,167
San Bernardino8,375 9,018 9,018
Palm Desert433 433 433
San Diego13,851 14,178 14,178
Imperial Valley276 276 27​6
San Francisco2,731 2,736 2,736
San Jos​é​6,487 6,487 6,487
San Luis Obispo7,528 7,528 7,528
San Marcos6,144 6,144 6,144
Sonoma5,381 5,408 5,408
Stanislaus3,015 3,015 3,015
Chancellor's Office417 416 416
TOTAL156,123 159,363 161,113