2017-18 Marginal Cost of Enrollment

General F​und MC
Factor Per FTES
​2017-18 Net1
Tuition MC 
Factor per FTES
Total MC2
Factor Per FTES
​Public Service​0​0​0
​Academic Support​962​354​1,316
​Student Services​824​310​1,134
​Institutional Support​794​423​1,217
​Operation and Maintenance of Plant​585​364​949
​Student Financial Aid​0​0​0
​Instructional Equipment​95​0​95
​​Totals with I.E.​$8,041​$2,608​$10,649
2017-18 Total M​arginal Cost of Instruction​ ​ ​$11,743​
​​​​Less: Foregone Financial Aid ​($1,094)​
​2017-18 Total Cost of Instruction without Foregone Financial Aid ​$10,649
​Net Tuition Revenue1 ​($2,608)
​​​General Fund Support​$8,041