Maintenance of New Facilities


The CSU is scheduled to fund 70,121 square feet of new facilities in 2017-18. The cost to fund regular​ maintenance of these facilities is $11.07 per square foot for the 2017-18 budget year. The CSU is requesting $776,000 to fully fund these new facilities' maintenance requirements. Regular maintenance of new facilities includes the cost of utilities, building maintenance, custodial, landscape, and administrative support.

This funding will sustain budgets needed to open and operate new buildings and will help slow the growth in the CSU’s $2.0 billion deferred maintenance backlog.

The CSU's deferred maintenance needs continue to grow because the cost of critical repairs in older buildings exceeds the average funding provided for regular maintenance. Consequently, delays in the scheduled repair of building space five years old or less offset some of the gains that are made as critical repairs are made in older buildings. Current analysis of the data available indicates that the cost standard of $11.07 per square foot for ongoing maintenance (regular maintenance and scheduled repair) in 2017-18 should be more appropriately budgeted at $16.62 per square foot to recognize the added cost of major repairs and renovations that occur as buildings age. Campuses currently use productivity and efficiency management strategies to satisfy a portion of this unfunded need, but they often have to delay repairs, which only serves to increase the deferred maintenance backlog.

2017-18 Custodial and Farm Space Summary - Maintenance of New Facilities Request

Campus ​Facility Number ​Facility Name ​Comple​tion Date
​Square Footage ​SQ FT ​@ $11.07
​Bakersfield​057A​Humanities Office and Classroom Complex​Sep-17 ​19,960 ​$221,000
​Fresno​011A​Engineering West Annex​Sep-16​3,000​33,000
​235J​Foaling Barn​​Sep-16​1,997​22,000
​​ ​Total ​4,997 ​55,000
​Fullerton​017A​Modular Data Center Pod - Unit A​Feb-16​513​6,000
​071A​College Park West - Main Building​Dec-16​13,648​151,000
​071B​College Park West - Annex​Dec-16​8,400​93,000
​​ ​Total ​22​,561 ​250,000
​Northridge​087​Solar Observatory​Mar-16​600​7,000
​124​AS Sustainability Center​​Jun-16​1,703​19,000
​Total ​2,303 ​26,000
​San Luis Obsipo​117T​Heron Hall Modular​Jul-154,263 ​47,000
Sonoma​​016​Wine Spectator Learning Center​May-1716,037 ​177,000