Housing Program

The Housing Program at CSU provides residential facilities for students.

The State Dormitory Construction Fund was established under the State Revenue Bond Act of 1947 and bonds were initially sold to support the construction of campus housing facilities. In 1957, the legislature approved a residence hall program, which was financed by both state and federal funds. Today the Housing Program is a self-supporting program deriving its revenues primarily from fees collected for the use of the residence facilities. Funds are used for current operating expenses, maintenance and repair, improvements to facilities, and interest and principal payments on outstanding bonds. After payment of all authorized charges, the balances in any of these funds remain available for future program expenses.

The 2017-18 CSU campus operated housing program capacity is projected to total 44,646 spaces. In certain campuses, housing facilities are operated by Auxiliary Organizations.

​The total projected revenue for fiscal year 2017-18 provides approximately $510.5 million for housing operations. From this amount, approximately $146.7 million is used for debt service payments of principal and interest on revenue bonds issued to finance construction and major renovations of student housing.

CSU Campus Operated Housing Program​​

​Design Spaces by Campus
Campus1 Actual   2015-16 Budgeted 2016-17 Projected 2017-18
Bakersfield512 512 512
Channel Islands820 1,420 1,420
Chico2,222 2,222 2,222
Dominguez Hills712 712 712
East Bay1,296 1,296 1,296
Fullerton1,918 1,918 1,918
Humboldt2,047 2,047 2,047
Long Beach1,826 1,826 1,826
Los Angeles1,069 1,069 1,069
Maritime 735 735 735
Northridge3,826 3,827 3,827
Pomona2,338 2,338 2,338
Sacramento1,672 2,072 2,072
San Bernardino1,529 1,529 1,529
San Diego3,510 4,169 4,169
San Francisco23,314 3,314 3,314
San José​3,339 3,789 3,789
San Luis Obispo6,245 6,245 6,245
Sonoma3,146 3,146 3,146
Stanislaus460 460 460
TOTAL42,536 44,646 44,64​6

​1Housing facilities at the Fresno, Monterey Bay and San Marcos campuses are operated by Auxiliary Organizations.

​2Total number of bed spaces do not include 959 apartment units that are leased on a unit basis and not per bed space.