Sources of Revenue

Sources of Revenue

State General Fund

The proposed budget includes a $324.9 million increase to the CSU’s current $3.2 billion General Fund base budget, for a total of almost $3.5 billion, including debt service. This increase will fund Graduation Initiative 2025, new and existing compensation pool increases, one percent enrollment growth, faciliti​es and infrastructure needs, and various mandatory cost obligations.

Tuition Revenue

The CSU receives about 45 percent of its operating funds from tuition revenue. The 2017–18 budget plan supports a one percent increase in resident enrollment (3,616 FTES), which is projected to generate $18.8 million in new tuition revenue, after adjusting for State University Grants. Total resident enrollment would increase from 361,644 resident FTES to a new level of 365,260 FTES.

The CSU has put forward a proposal for a potential tuition increase for the 2017–18 academic year, following the consultative process laid out in the Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act. The proposed increase will be discussed with the Board of Trustees at the November 2016 meeting and possibly considered for a vote in early 2017. If the proposed increase is approved, it would generate up to $77.5 million in revenue that could help support the total budget request if additional state general funds are not allocated. The timing of the state budget process, combined with a desire to give students and their families as much time as possible to plan, means a tuition increase would have to be approved by March 2017 in order to be an option for fall 2017. However, CSU’s highest priority will be to advocate for full funding of the 2017–18 Support Budget plan by the state.

Sources of Revenue

The total 2017–18 Support Budget plan increase is $343.7 million from a combination of State General Fund and net tuition revenue.

​State General Fund Increase​$324,857,000
​Net Tuition Revenue Adjustments​18,844,000