2012 CSU Facilities Management Conference

Educational Tracks

The following educational tracks are the building blocks to invite conversations and presentations to stimulate thoughts and actions and forge new relationships in order to successfully meet the challenges of the 21st century university campus.

Emerging Technologies
This track explores new technologies either on the market or in development that changes our business. More information »

This track presents best practices and products and services that offer new solutions to old problems and/or new requirements. These are proven solutions. More information »

Tools of the Trade
This track presents tools that improve how we do our work, tangible elements that are external as opposed to internal skill building. More information »

Skill Building
This track offers professional development to enhance individuals’ skill sets for the ever-changing work environment as well as work-life balance. More information »

Change Management
This track targets the very real issues facing facilities professionals who must ‘change’ the way they do business and are challenged to manage, lead, and empower staff through those changes to realize the new goals of the institution. More information »