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Insurance Costs (for 2015 coverage)

Under the new law, if you make less than $16,105 or your family makes less than $32,913 (for a family of 4), you or they may be eligible for the state’s MediCal program. MediCal provides comprehensive health coverage, usually at no cost to those who qualify. Under the new law, individuals of all ages may qualify for MediCal. You do not have to have a child to qualify.

Individuals who earn between $16,106 and $46,680/year and families who earn between $32,914 and $95,400/year may qualify for financial assistance through Covered California. The less a person’s earnings, the greater the financial assistance that will be provided.

Here are a few examples of the levels of financial support available in 2015.

Estimated Monthly Costs of Bronze-level Insurance for Sample Individuals & Families
  Age Income Total
Family Pays
Individual 23 $15,000 Eligible for Medi­Cal All costs $0
Individual 21 $18,000 $166 $140 $26
Family of 3 43,43
$38,000 $615 $565 $49 (for all 3)
Family of 4 46,44,
$45,000 $750 $703 $47 (for all 4)

To get an estimate of the assistance you or your family might receive, visit Covered CA's cost calculator.

Anyone buying insurance as an individual or as a family may purchase their insurance through Covered California. They may also purchase insurance direct from insurance companies.

However, if an individual or family is eligible for and wishes to receive financial assistance in the purchase of their insurance, they must purchase it through Covered California. There are two ways you can enroll in a low-cost, discounted insurance plan:

  1. Visit the Covered California website. You will find information about the insurance plans being offered in your area, descriptions of the choices you have in health care benefits, and means of determining how much you or your family will have to pay for the different insurance options available to you.
  2. Contact a Certified Enrollment Counselor. CSU campuses may have Enrollment Counselors who will help you with enrollment at NO CHARGE to you. If not, you can call Covered California for free assistance with enrollment at (800) 300-1506.

For more information on enrollment and enrollment options see insurance options.