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Foster Youth

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Visit the Foster Youth website for more information.

On-campus support programs provide a comprehensive program that supports foster youth in their efforts to gain a university education. These campus-based programs provide a wide range of services that support their admission, retention, and graduation.

How Can You Help

  • Identify foster youth at your school and advocate for stable, high-quality educational placements to keep school transfers to a minimum.
  • Connect with the Foster Youth Services (FYS) liaison in your school district or the Foster Youth Success Initiative liaison on community college campuses.
  • Stress rigorous academic preparation to complete the "a-g" requirements and get them on the college track early.
  • Help foster youth prepare for standardized tests.
  • Prepare and encourage foster youth students to pursue higher education and track their progress closely.
  • Support foster youth in choosing, applying for, and enrolling in college.
  • Help foster youth apply for financial aid, including scholarships.
  • Connect students with information and programs (e.g., financial aid, EOP, advising program, career center).
  • Find a number of resources including a video, "College Is For You!" and "Educational Planning Guide for Foster Youth" (.pdf) to assist foster youth in planning for college.

Types Of Support Services May Include

  • Admissions assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • On-campus housing assistance
  • Orientation to college life (e.g., EOP Summer Bridge)
  • Academic advising and monitoring
  • Counseling and support
  • Peer mentoring
  • Life skills workshops
  • Employment opportunities
  • Social and academic celebrations
  • Career planning and assistance
  • Student drop-in center