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California Grants

The California Student Aid Commission administers the Cal Grant program. As a reminder, students must submit both their FAFSA or Dream Application and GPA Verification forms by March 2. For complete information about different Cal Grant program and eligibility requirements, please visit the Cal Grants website.

Cal Grant A

The purpose of the Cal Grant A is to provide financial assistance to students from low- and middle-income families in meeting tuition and fees. Cal Grant A recipients are selected on the basis of financial need and academic ability. The amount of a student's award may vary depending on the institution they attend. A student who decides to attend a community college must request that this grant be held in reserve until they transfer to a four-year institution.

Cal Grant B

The Cal Grant B is for high-potential students from disadvantaged or low-income families who otherwise would not be able to pursue a post-secondary education. Cal Grant B awards for first-year students are usually limited to assisting with living expenses, books and supplies, and transportation. Student in their 2nd year or greater also get an amount to cover tuition.

Cal Grant C

The Cal Grant C was developed to assist vocationally orientated students to acquire a meaningful and marketable job skill in occupations designated by the states as being in demand. This grant may not be used to pursue a four-year degree program. To qualify, vocational training must be on a full- or part-time basis. There are a limited number of Cal Grant C awards made on an annual basis.

Middle Class Scholarship

The Middle Class Scholarship is a new program directed to students attending the University of California or a California State University. It is designed to help students with family income up to approximately $150,000. The program is being rolled out in stages over the coming academic school years and could potentially cover up to 40% of the system wide tuition fee when fully implemented.