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Your benefits are more important now than ever. Keep up to date on how your health benefits plans are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CalPERS Health

CalPERS recognizes that the global pandemic resulting from the coronavirus is creating uncertainty and concern among members. They are reassuring that your benefits are safe, and they are fully operational. Despite the circumstances, CalPERS is here for you.

CalPERS has engaged their health plans to ensure members have access to the care they need during this time. They've had regular calls with the health plan leaders to ensure that our health plans are well prepared to provide excellent service to all members.

COVID-19 Test Kits for CalPERS Health Plan Members

Testing at home is an important way to protect yourself and those around you when you may have a possible exposure to COVID-19. The federal government is providing every home in the U.S. with four free tests and is also expanding free at-home tests through neighborhood and rural clinics. Visit covidtests.gov to get free COVID-19 antigen self-tests delivered to your home.

The federal government also ordered private insurers to cover the cost of up to eight at-home tests per member per month.

  • CalPERS members enrolled in any Basic health plan, except Kaiser and Blue Shield, can use the OptumRX in-network preferred pharmacies such as Rite Aid, Sam's Club, and Walmart.
  • Kaiser Permanente and Blue Shield will provide tests through their standard pharmacy procedures. Visit Kaiser and Blue Shield for this information.

Test kits purchased outside the preferred pharmacies will be reimbursed up to $12 per test by completing and submitting a claim form to OptumRxKaiser, or Blue Shield directly.

CalPERS Retired members enrolled in Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental plans can get up to eight tests per calendar month from eligible pharmacies and health care providers. To find participating pharmacies, visit Medicare.gov.

For more detail on which type of test to use and how to use an at-home test, visit Testing for COVID-19 on the CDC website.

COVID-19 Test Kits for CalPERS Health Plan Members


COBRA Election Deadline Extension

Allows employees to have 60 days from the date the National Emergency ends to elect COBRA. (example: If an employee terminates April 20, 2020 and the National Emergency ends on July 14, 2020 then the employee would have until September 12, 2020 to elect COBRA)

COBRA Premium Deadline Extension

Allows an extension for payment if an employee was not able to make a payment within the 30 day grace period. They will have 60 days from the date the National Emergency is lifted/ended. (example: The qualified beneficiary fails to make a premium payment on March 31, 2020 for March's coverage. COBRA coverage will not be terminated due to non-payment during the National Emergency plus the​ following 60 days. The qualified beneficiary will have until August 13, 2020 (the full 30 day grace period following July 14, 2020), in which to pay the premium for March as well as for coverage for the months of April, May, June and July. The qualified beneficiary would need to pay the premium for August no later than August 31, 2020 (the normal 30 day grace period would apply since the National Emergency plus the additional 60 day period expired prior to August 1).

Special Enrollment Periods Extension

This extension extends the period of time for special enrollment events up to 60 days from the date the National Emergency is lifted/removed (example: If an employee was married on February 15, 2020 he/she is permitted to enrolled on or before July 14, 2020 if the National Emergency is removed on May 15, 2020). Enrollments cannot be retroactive unless the enrollment is a birth, adoption, or placement of adoption.

Claim Filing Deadline

This extension allows employees to submit a claim up to 60 days from the date the National Emergency is lifted/removed.​

(example: If National Emergency ends on May 15, 2020 then the deadline to submit claims would be July 14, 2020)

Appeal Extension Deadline

This extension allows for appeals to be submitted 60 days from the date the National Emergency is lifted/removed.

Campus Information

Please check your campus for specific information.