STEM Engaged Learning
Potential Host Sites

We are pleased to release the Host Site Request for Proposal RFP for the 2016–2017 CSU STEM VISTA program.

In partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service, the overall goal of CSU STEM VISTA is to increase student success in STEM, at the college and/or K-12 level, through participation in engaging, hands-on learning experiences, such as service learning, internships, learning communities, and undergraduate research, referred to as high-impact practices (HIPs). The program focuses on increasing the pursuit, persistence, and graduation rates of women, low-income, first generation, and students of color.

The CSU STEM VISTA program does not provide a monetary award, but awards a VISTA member to serve full-time for one year (July 2016 – July 2017) in CSU STEM departments, colleges, and academically-based institutes.

The CSU STEM VISTA program encourages STEM departments, colleges, and academically-based institutes to develop proposals that:

  • Support and reward implementation of effective HIPs that work best for your students, particularly traditionally underrepresented students;
  • Create stronger connections among campus and systemwide programs to increase sharing and efficiency for the benefit of STEM students and faculty;
  • Enhance the K-16 STEM pipeline by improved articulation of practices and curriculum; and
  • Engender STEM graduates and faculty that reflect California’s demography.

What can a CSU STEM VISTA member do for your STEM department or college?
Below are just a few examples CSU STEM VISTA capacity building activities:

  • Engage Students: recruit and support CSU students participating in HIPs and other activities; develop frameworks for student leadership programs; mentor student leaders; host on- or off-campus events
  • Develop Community Partnerships:outreach to alumni, industry, government and non-profit organizations, K-12 schools, and funders; create networks of individuals and organizations dedicated to student success
  • Training:develop and facilitate trainings for CSU students, community and industry partners, and/or K-12 students
  • Evaluate Programs: develop systems to track and assess student success, effectiveness of projects, and impact on community
  • Fundraising:organize fundraising events; research and write funding proposals
  • Outreach and Communication Management:develop communication systems to reach external audiences; design brochures, posters, websites; develop press kits, press releases; manage social media

Please review the RFP for eligibility requirements and detailed information on how to submit a successful proposal to the CSU STEM VISTA program. You may also review our frequently asked questions.

For a word document version of the VISTA Assignment Description Form (VAD) click here.

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