CSU Budget Office

System Budget Advisory Committee (SBAC) Review of Cost Reduction and Revenue Enhancement Strategies

Following the Board of Trustees discussion in May about a variety of strategies for the university to address the significant reduction in state support, the SBAC met to review the alternatives on May 23, 2012. Members of the university community were invited to participate in the webcast and to submit questions either before or during the webcast. 300 individuals registered to participate, which included group sites at the campuses where an average of 100 people gathered together to participate. The presentation used with the webcast can be found at the link below along with the Trustee agenda item that was the foundation for the presentation.

The Trustees Finance Committee:

A second webcast will be held in early June that will focus on allowing members of the campus community to share ideas, comments or questions. More information about this webcast will be posted on this site in the near future.

Over 50 individuals submitted questions in advance of the webcast. A FAQ is being developed with those comments and will be posted on this site before the next webcast.  Individuals are encouraged to continue submitting thoughts to Budget Strategies.