Branding Standards Guide

Print Media Guidelines

Univers type families

Sans Serif Type Family:
Univers (LT STD)

The Univers family is optically refined and
well-balanced, communicating a sense of
quality and sophistication. The sans serif
style communicates a sense of modernity,
high technology and efficiency. The italic
styles communicate forward motion and
future-oriented activity.

When using Univers, these guidelines are

  • In all media, Univers Regular and
    Univers Bold Condensed Italic are the
    primary typefaces used in graphic
    signatures (see Graphic Signatures

  • In marketing communications, Univers
    Condensed or Light Condensed are
    preferred for headlines and typographic
    accents. Use upper and lowercase
    lettering or all caps in the following

    - Tight letter and word spacing for
      upper and lowercase letters:
      Annual Report Univers

    - Loose letter and word spacing for
      all caps:
      Annual Report Univers
  • In permanent media (such as facility
    signs, vehicles and shipping cartons),
    Univers Black and Univers Bold should
    be used outside of graphic signatures
    whenever possible.