Branding Standards Guide

Print Media Guidelines

Colors Pallete

Primary, Neutrals and Secondary Colors

Primary Colors

The primary palette consists of CSU Red. This color may be used for large areas of color or as an accent color. Screens or tints of the red will result in shades of pink, which should be used sparingly or avoided altogether.

The CSU wordmark box should be printed only in red or black; it may also be reversed out to white against a dark background. The CSU wordmark is downloadable from resources area.

Neutrals and Secondary Colors
The colors of the neutral and secondary color palettes have been selected to complement the primary color. Their understated tones were chosen to work as a subtle background behind typography or other graphics, or in other situations where a restrained use of color is desired. The secondary colors should not be applied to the wordmark.

Screens or tints of the secondary colors and neutrals may be used to achieve a desired effect.

Color Families
Combinations of the primary color with secondary colors and tints are shown on this page. These color combinations can be used for two-color printing or four-color designs used in combination with black type and four-color photography. Do not mix and match colors outside of the specified combinations.

The Chancellor's Office Communications Department can assist individual departments within the CSU Chancellor's Office or help campuses with systemwide communications that need CSU identity.