Branding Standards Guide

Print Media Guidelines

ITC Garamond type families

Serif Type Family: ITC Garamond
ITC Garamond has a traditional, warm
feel and is very legible. The serif style is
classic and communicates respect for the
history and tradition of the California
State University. The ITC family of Garamond was chosen because of its
compatibility with Univers and because it
is available in a broad range of weights,
and condensed and expanded faces.
When using Garamond, these guidelines
are recommended:

  • Garamond is preferred for body copy
    in text-intensive materials such as
    reports or books, because of its
    readability. For body copy, use these
    text settings:

    - Upper and lowercase letters
    - Flush left, ragged right
    - A minimum of 1 point of line spacing
    - Normal letter spacing and word

  • For headlines, use Garamond in upper
    and lowercase letters or small caps in
    the following manner:

    - Tight letter and word spacing for
      upper and lowercase letters:
      Annual Report Univers

    - Loose letter and word spacing for
      all caps:
      Annual Report Univers