Transfer Student Academic Record Updates

After applying to the CSU for a fall term, all transfer students (upper-division, Associate Degree for Transfer and lower-division) are required to update their application during the month of January with the grades they received for their fall classes (meaning the fall before you plan to start at the CSU) and the courses you are enrolled in or plan to take in the spring and summer.

You must provide your final grades for the fall term and list all courses in progress or planned for the term(s) before you expect to enroll. These updates will ensure that CSU campuses have the most current academic information for you.

Are You Starting in Fall 2021?

If you applied for the Fall 2021 quarter/semester, you ​must update your CSU application to include the courses you completed in Fall 2020 and the grades you received in these courses. These updates must be made in January 2021. Please also include your planned coursework through summer 2021.

The deadline for making these updates for students starting in Fall 2021 is January 31, 2021. You will also receive email notifications reminding you to complete these updates.

You can log in to your Cal State Apply application at any time to add or change information.  Applicants can add new colleges but cannot delete or edit previously added colleges and dates of attendance. If you need to edit attendance dates to add Spring and Summer courses, contact Cal State Apply Applicant Support ​who can extend the dates for you.

Transfer Academ​ic Update Instructions​