Counterparts 2020 Planning Committee

Counterparts 2020 Planning Committee

Office of the Chancellor, Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE)

  • Sheila Thomas, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean
  • Shannon Jackson, Manager
  • Sorann Sing, Department Administrator
  • Amanda Olivas, Creative Communications Specialist

CSU Northridge, Tseng College

  • Joyce Feucht-Haviar, University Senior International Officer and Dean, Dean’s Office
  • Marcella Tyler, Executive Director, Program Advancement, Dean’s Office
  • Bryanna Benedetti-Coomber, Assistant to the Associate Dean, Dean’s Office
  • Me’Laine Pemberton, Administrative Support Coordinator, Dean’s Office
  • Karen Pak, Executive Director of Business Operations and Finance
  • Marie-Gabrielle Brooks, Director of Finance
  • Lisa Moon, Student Accounting & Financial Analyst, Finance
  • Julia Potter, Director of External Relations & Special University Projects, Program Development and External Sales
  • Sherry Sidick, Associate Director of External Relations, Program Development and External Sales
  • Jessie Revlin, Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Karen Sabourin, Associate Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Rika Toyama Gaines, Art Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Hilda Reyes, Graphic Designer, Marketing and Commun​ications
  • Helen Khusit, Graphic Designer, Marketing and Communications
  • Matthew Kadota, Events Management and Planning Specialist, Marketing and Communications
  • Sushma Jolly, Assistant Director: Instructional Design, Distance Learning
  • Barbra Frye, Instructional Designer, Distance Learning
  • Vanessa Andrade, Associate Director, International Partnerships and Programs Development
  • Odette Arman, Senior Programs Specialist, Graduate & Professional Education
  • Helga Boghossian, Program Coordinator, Graduate & Professional Education
  • Brenna O’Connor, Registration & Admissions Support Assistant, ARC
  • Nguyen Luu, Senior Financial Analyst, Finance