About Us

The Hospitality & Tourism Alliance offers a passport to the world of hospitality and tourism management in both the domestic and international arenas. Based in California, we have ready access to a wide array of global, national and regional corporations in all segments of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Our graduates prove to be an immediate asset to any employer. They come from a rigorous academic background, with a strong work ethic and real-world experience, all of which position our alumni to excel in the global hospitality and tourism markets.


To promote and elevate hospitality and tourism management education and supply skilled, prepared employees to employers in California, the U.S. and around the world.​


To be known as a primary source of high-quality leaders in hospitality and tourism management.


  1. Be a collective voice for hospitality and tourism management education.​
  2. Make every student’s story a success story through effective recruitment, retention, graduation, and placement of students who exemplify academic excellence and significant career potential.
  3. Increase diversity at the leadership levels in the hospitality and tourism industry by preparing graduates from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Share resources and information that enhance hospitality and tourism management curriculum on CSU campuses.
  5. Facilitate faculty development opportunities.

Advisory Council

These accomplished industry leaders help guide the Alliance in its work.

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Program Leaders

These talented leaders and educators work to prepare CSU students for the hospitality & tourism industry.

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