CSU Campus Highlight Sessions for Community College Counselors

Use the Recording Passcode to view the recording. The Passcode must be typed exactly as it appears. If you have additional questions for the campus, please contact them directly. Campus contact information can be found in the recordings or on the Contact a Campus​ page.

Campus​​​​View Recording​​Recording Passcode​
View He​re1z8&%VeG​
Channel Islands​​View Here​=AmjJM3c^
ChicoView Here.E=S7^OE
Dominguez Hills​​View HereFg2Pw.8A​
East Bay​​View Here2dX6!N^L​
FresnoView Here1W&kHb8V​
FullertonView Here=Sph96YA
Humboldt​​View Here5Ur.6b=H
Long BeachView Here​+6nj^YTO
Los AngelesView Here!1NADpEb​
Maritime AcademyView Heret9Ej!^#7
Monterey BayView HereZ^KS1rq+
NorthridgeView ​HerePv%h1?tX​
PomonaView Here​KC2!8ho9
SacramentoView Here​dP?7hb.%
San Bernardino​​View HereiM5Rzt0!
San DiegoView Herew%F6@1$8
San Francisco​​View Here58M^$R@K
San JoseView Here8J3Fb=*M
San Luis Obispo​​View HereHyvp3QR=
San MarcosView Here6fN$5!9W​
Sonoma​​View Herex*Af#j6!
Stanislaus​​View Here​ymF1XU1.​