Academic Technology Services - Identifying, Advancing and Supporting your Academic Technology Initiatives

ATS Team Members

Below is a comprehensive list of the ATS team members who support the projects and services for the following ATS initiatives:

Accessing Quality Content Easily
Sharing Exemplary Educational Practices
Preparing Students for Success
Supporting Professional Development

An alphabetical listing of ATS team members and CSU Campus partners working on ATS projects is available at the end of this page.


Accessing Quality Content Easily

ATS Resource Name Phone Number

Accessibility Resource Finder

T.R. Rubino-Schaefer (562) 430-0224
Affordable Learning Solutions Leslie Kennedy (562) 951-4605

Biology Labs On Line through CDL (BLOL)
Biology Labs On Line Simulations and Exercises

Virtual Labs
Chris Odionu (707) 664-4337

California Open Online Library for Education (COOL4Ed)

Leslie Kennedy (562) 951-4605

Center for Alternate Media (CAM)

Cheryl Pruitt

(562) 951-4353

MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching

Gerry Hanley

(562) 951-4259

SFX Search for Journals Magazines and Newspapers 
CSU SFX Metalib
Jessica Y Hartwigsen (562) 233-6421
XERXES Virtual Library (VL) David S Walker (562) 233-6421

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ATS Team Member (Alphabetical)

Title Phone Number
Andrews, Marie F Office Coordinator, CDL (707) 664-3321
Baur, Susan C Operations Analyst, CDL (707) 664-4408
Bayard, Jean-Pierre Associate Director of Learning Design and Technologies (916) 278-5847
Boice, Kristin E UI Designer/Developer, CDL (707) 664-2399
Choy, Eddie Director, ATS Contract Management (562) 951-4592
Christie, Brett Program Manager, Course Redesign Services (707) 486-6519
Cota, Leo Program Manager, Enrollment Bottlenecks Solutions (562) 951-4797
DeVore, Vicki Contracts Manager, ATS Online Education (562) 951-4556
Estaniel, Pamela Administrative Analyst, ATS (562) 951-4751
Fernandes, Kathy Director of Learning Design and Technologies (530) 898-6294
Gold, Jeff D Senior Director, Centers for Innovation & Grad Initiative (310) 399-3636
Hanley, Gerard L Senior Director, Academic Technology Services (562) 951-4259
Hartwigsen, Jessica Y Library Services Specialist (510) 885-4761
Joiner, Terri ATS Emerging Technologies and Library Licenses (562) 951-4646
Kennedy, Leslie Director, Affordable Learning Solutions (562) 951-4605
Lattomus, Faith Project Manager, Online Programs (562) 951-4615
Liu, Ying Library Services Specialist (562) 951-4261
Odionu, Chris Director, Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) (707) 664-4337
Pruitt, Cheryl Director, Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) (562) 951-4384
Reisman, Sorel Managing Director, MERLOT (562) 619-2388
Risner, David G Programmer Analyst, MERLOT (562) 951-4107
Skylar, Ashley Program Manager, Quality Assurance Services (562) 951-4072
Sperling, Barbra B Technical Development Manager, MERLOT (562) 951-8488
Spiegel, Judith R Operations Administrator, ATS (562) 951-4617
Stanton, Jason Webmaster, MERLOT (562) 951-4081
Torres, Grace Financial Manager (562) 951-4419
Tu, Brian Software Engineer, MERLOT (562) 951-4554
Walker, David S Library Web Services Manager (562) 355-4845

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Campus Partners Working on ATS Projects
(Alphabetical Listing)
Title Phone Number
David Andrews Professor of Biology and Science Education, California State University, Fresno (559) 278-5174
Joan Bissell Director of Teacher Education and Public School Programs
California State University
(562) 951-4716
Sandra Ehrhorn AL$ Bookstore Liaison (707) 731-0198
Sandra Flake Consultant, ATS (530) 898-5662
Jeff Kahn AL$ Integration Specialist (678) 339-0674
Fred Neely AL$ Marketing (562) 400-3806
Ron Purser Professor of Management, College of Business at San Francisco State University (415) 338-2380
T.R. Rubino-Schaefer Lab Manager and Research Associate of CUDA (562) 430-0224
Cherie Vinopal Program Analyst, Quality Assurance (760) 750-8656
Lou Zweier Video Consultant (707) 769-8199

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