Academic Research

Academic Research and Resources

Academic Research helps to monitor and to provide analytic support for CSU efforts in planning, policy, and accountability.

CSU Accountability
The California State University is committed to accounting for its performance by providing periodic reports to the public through the CSU accountability process. The CSU Cornerstones Report (1998) first called for such a system: "The California State University will account for its performance in facilitating the development of its students, in serving the communities in which we reside, and in the continued contribution to the California economy and society, through regular assessment of student achievement and through periodic reports to the public regarding our broader performance." The 2008 CSU Accountability report will focus on those areas that form the basis for CSU Accountability under Access to Excellence, the successor to cornerstones.

CSU Early Assessment: The Test
The California State University (CSU) and California public schools developed the Early Assessment of Readiness for College English and Mathematics to provide college-preparatory, end-of-year juniors with an early signal so their senior year is geared towards a smooth transition from high school to college. The partnership between the CSU and California public schools is the first nationally to use regular 11th grade assessments to provide feedback about college readiness.

CSU System Data Portfolio
Guidelines in the 2001 WASC Handbook of Accreditation suggest that campuses in a system (like the CSU), prepare an institutional presentation that "briefly describes system objectives, policies, and operations, and provides an analysis of educational effectiveness." WASC allows this to be accomplished through a portfolio, such as the one provided through this reference site.

Analytic Studies
The Division of Analytic Studies is responsible for compiling student data from the 23 campuses of the California State University and disseminating statistical information about applications received, new enrollments, continuing enrollments, and degrees conferred.