Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Organization Chart

Academic Affairs
Organization Chart

The organization chart shows the departmental heirachy of Academic Affairs. You may also obtain a copy of the organization chart in a PDF version by clicking on the following link: Academic Affairs Organization Chart (PDF)

  • Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs
    Loren J. Blanchard

    • Nathan Evans, Chief of Staff
      • Sara Zaragoza, Administrative Specialist
      Initiatives and Operations
      • Vacant, Director
      • Leo Cota, Program Manager

      Academic Senate
      Steven Filling, Chair

      • Tracy Butler, Program Director
      • Carrie Kato, Administrative Support Specialist

      Associate Vice Chancellor, Vacant

      • Angela Perez, Assistant to AVC
      • Darlene Daclan, Academic Affairs Business System Director
      • Academic Program and Faculty Development
        Christine Mallon, Assistant Vice Chancellor

        • Tarita Varner, Administrative Assistant
        • Kathy Thi, Program Adminstrative Coordinator
        • Faculty on Special Assignment
          • Margaret Brady
          • Marilyn Korostoff
          • Jody Cormack
          • Eli Bartle
        • Institute for Teaching & Learning
          • Emily Magruder, Interim Faculty Director
        • Pre-Doctoral Program
          • Maridith Janssen, Director
          • Tracy Daniels, Administrative Support Assistant

        Academic Research and Resources
        Ed Sullivan, Assistant Vice Chancellor

        • Policy Analysis
          Vacant, Director
        • Analytic Studies
          Philip Garcia, Senior Director

          • Matthew Case, Assistant Director
          • Laura Clifton, Office Administration
          • Monica Malhotra, Deputy Director
          • Waddell Herron, Associate Director
          • Vacant, Senior Manager Data Analytics
          • Lisa Limbeek, Web Technology
          • Harold Creech, Data Coordinator
          • Josephine Sirineo, Adminstrative Operations Analyst

        Academic Technology Services
        Gerard Hanley, Assistant Vice Chancellor

        • Academic Technology Programs

          • Leslie Kennedy, Director
          • Kathy Fernandes, Program Manager
          • Brett Christie, Program Manager
          • Sandy Ehrhorn, Project Manager
          • Fred Neely, Project Manager
          • Jack Gunther, Project Manager
          • Pamela Estaniel, Adminstrative Specialist
          • Kim Shibata, Assistant

          Accessible Technology Initiative

          • Cheryl Pruitt, Director
          • Susan Cullen, Associate Director

          Systemwide Digital Library

          • David Walker, Director
          • Aaron Collier, Digital Repository Service Manager
          • Jessica Hartwigsen, Library Technical Specialist

          Systemwide Digital Library
          Electronic Core Collection

          • Eddie Choy, Director
          • Teri Joiner, Contracts Manager
          • Grace Torres, Financial Manger
          • Ying Liu, Services Specialist

          CalState Online

          • Faith Lattomous, PM Online Program Support
          • Ashley Skylar, QA Project Manager Online Education
          • Vicki DeVore, Contracts & Project Manager

          Centers for Innovation & Graduate Initiative
          Jeff Gold, Senior Director

          • Center for Distributed Learning
            • Vacant, Director
            • Vacant, Project Coordinator
            • Marie Andrews, Office Coordinator
            • Susan Baur, Operations Analyst
            • Kristin Boice, UI Design/Developer
            • Vacant, Senior Web Application Developer
            • Vacant, Programmer Analyst
            • Ty Melvin, Web Application Developer
            • Judi Spiegel, Operations and Fiscal Administrator
          • MERLOT
            • Sorel Reisman, Managing Director
            • Bryan Tu, Programmer Analyst
            • David Risner, Programmer Analyst
            • Barbara Sperling, Technical Development
            • Jason Stanton, Webmaster Social Media Coordinator
            • Vacant, Director Educational Partnerships
            • Vacant, Director Editorial and Professional Development

        Active Duty and Veterans Affairs
        Patrick C. O'Rourke, Director

        Self-Support Strategy and Partnership/Extended Education
        Sheila Thomas, Assistant Vice Chancellor

        • Shannon Jackson, Extended Education Administrative Staff
          Staff to Extended Education Commission
        • Jessica Maynard, Operartions Coordinator

        International Programs and Summer Arts Program
        Leo Van Cleve, State University Dean

        • International Programs
          • Vacant, Associate Director
          • Vacant, Administrative Assistant
          • Renata Bouwmeester, Assistant Director Academic Services
          • Lilian Audet, Assistant Director Financee
          • Carolyn Esguerra-Castillo, Student Financial Specialist
          • Amy Roshannon, Assistant Director, Student Affairs
          • Elsa Sanchez, Data Records Support
          • Megan Ostovarpour, Studnet Services Support
          • Vacant, Staff Support Academic Services
        • Summer Arts Program
          • Rachel Nardo, Director
          • Joanne Sharp, Assistant Director
          • Rob Klevan, Community Relations Specialist
          • Jessica Mejia,Operations Coordinator
          • Shannon Pringle, Production Manager
          • Laura Schultz, Business Manager
          • Omar Ibrahim, Graphic Designer

        Research Initiatives and Partnerships
        Zed Mason, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor
        • Polly Huggins, Administrative Assistant
        • Califorina Academic Partnership Program
          • Zee Cline, Statewide Director
          • Daba Asemebo, Senior Manager
          • Emil Bautista, Fiscal Manager

        Special Projects
        Michelle Kiss, Director

        Student Academic Support
        Eric Forbes, Assistant Vice Chancellor

        • Jolene Colman, Administrative Specialist
        • Lauren Ehler, Publications Coordinator
        • Enrollment Management Services
          • Vacant, Director
          • Angela Williams, Intrasystem Enrollment Manager
          • Gay Grimes, Assistant Director, Enrollment Managment Technology
          • Vacant, Enrollment Technology Project Manager
          • Transfer Services
            Karen Simpson-Alisca, Assistant Director
        • Academic Outreach & Early Assessment
          • Carolina Cardenas, Director
          • Lourdes Kulju, Outreach & College Rediness Manager
        • Student Programs
          • Ray Murillo,Director
          • Sabrina Sanders, Assistant Director
          • CalMHSA Program
            • Ana Aguayo-Bryant, Assistant Director
            • Araceli Esparza, Coordinator
        • Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs
          • Dean Kulju, Director
          • Wendy Ortega, Associate Director
          • Virginia Soto, Budget & Operations Coordinator

        Student Engagement and Academic Initiatives
        and Partnerships

        Ken O'Donnell, Senior Director

        • Ivy Harris, Adminstrative Coordinator
        • Debra David, Compass Project Director
        • Dawn Digrius, STEM Collaboratitve
        • Audrey Hovannesian, Associate Director, Assessment
        • Center for Community Engagement
          • Judy Botelho, Director
          • Kristina Barger, VISTA Program Manager
          • Ana Aguirre, Fiscal & Program Coordinator

        Teacher Education and Public School Programs
        Joseph Aguerrebere, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor

        • Joan Bissell, Director
        • Vacant, Associate Director
        • Paula Covarrubias, Administrative Manager
        • CalStateTEACH (CST)
          • Sharon Russell, Director
          • Jamin Butler, Systemwide Program Analyst
          • Rebecca Evans, Curriculum Support
          • Loren Alldrin, Technology Coordinator
        • Center for the Advancement of Reading
          • Nancy Brynelson, Co-Director
          • Hallie Yopp Slowik, Co-Director
          • Melinda Webb, Office Manager
          • Beth Dietzel, Administrative Specialist
        • Center for Teacher Quality
          • Paul Tuss, Director
          • Nohoon Kwak, Assistant Director
          • Donielle Prince, Assistant Director
          • Rachelle Fox, Evaluation Data Manager
          • Mary Wang, Evaluation Data Manager
          • Beth Dietzel, Administrative Specialist
        • Governors Teaching Fellowship
          • Joan Hippolyte, Administrative Support Specialist