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Contemporary Dance with Ballet BC





Guest Artist

Ballet BC


Reimagine contemporary ballet, improvisation, repertoire, and creation with one of Canada’s most bold and innovative dance companies. You’ll deconstruct ballet and improvisation, prioritizing function over form to find the power of living inside the moment. Then jump into creation and rep, experiencing the daily life of a professional company.

Who should take this class

Intermediate to advanced dance students interested in pursuing a career in dance, choreography, or related areas. All genres of dance welcome. 

Required application materials

  • A photo and brief statement on your experience and interest in the course. 
  • A short video demonstrating your dance work. This can be video from a performance, a dance film, or footage of you dancing in any setting including class or a video audition made for this submission. 

Course Coordinator

Ezra LeBank

Guest Artists

Emily Springer

Ballet BC 

Founded in 1986 by David Y. H. Lui, Jean Orr and Sheila Begg, Ballet BC is currently under the leadership of Artistic Director Medhi Walerski. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the collaborative and creation-based company has made a unique and valuable contribution to the development of contemporary dance both at home and around the world. ​

Christopher R. Notbusch

Charles Gaines


Daniel Cahill

Mary Beth Heffernan


Christopher R. Notbusch

Diran Lyons 

Diran Lyons earned a BA in Painting and Drawing at California State University, Fresno (2000) and an MFA in New Genres and Painting at University of California, Santa Barbara (2004), where he was a Regents Fellow. His multidisciplinary art practice is heavily conceptual with exacting craft and edgy content, including video and photography, collage and painting, indoor and outdoor installation, performance, and critical writing.

Committed to the tradition established by Joseph Kosuth, Robert Smithson, and Barnett Newman, Lyons embraces the written word as an important part of his artistic practice, publishing texts and lecturing on philosophical issues, his own artwork, and that of others. For The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies (2015), Lyons contributed his essay, An Aesthetics of Deception in Political Remix Video, which examines the relationship between his video work and the fields of aesthetics, politics, and linguistics.

Daniel Cahill

Julia Paull