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Alla Prima Oil Painting

Course dates

July 1 to July 14, 2019

Application deadline


Master the painting process of building alla prima, or “wet-on-wet,” oil paintings. Work one-on-one with acclaimed artists Daniel Keys and Richard Carter to fearlessly apply explosive color in floral still lifes, figurative models, and portraits.

  • Explore the painting processes needed for alla prima oil painting applications.
  • Develop techniques for using color harmony to create realistic paintings.
  • Analyze the elements of form as a visual language used in small- and large-format works through lectures, demonstrations, and critiques.
  • Produce an in-class portfolio, including small and large floral stills, large canvas portraits, and combined formats.
  • A public gallery show of work completed will conclude the course.

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Undergraduate: ART 420, 3 units
Graduate/post-baccalaureate: ART 620, 3 units


$ 75


Intermediate to advanced or professional painters should apply. Students should have a working knowledge of oil painting materials and some experience with life painting.


  1. Submit two images of painting examples, preferably from portrait or still life, and a one-page letter of intent with a brief description of your artistic practice and an outline of what you hope to achieve through this course. Please create a single PDF document with both images and your letter of intent.
  2. Submit/upload the materials listed in step one when you apply online by April 29, 2019.


Professor Adam Longatti

Guest Artists

Daniel Keys –

Daniel Keys is an American realist painter who works primarily with oil paints to create portraits, still lifes, and landscapes infused with brilliant color and light. Keys started painting at the age of eleven, and while self-taught, has had the chance to paint with and learn from master alla prima artist Richard Schmid. Keys’ work hangs in many prominent collections throughout North America, Europe, and Russia. He teaches workshops in oil painting that draw students from around the world who seek out his esteemed instruction. He has won numerous awards including the Portrait Society of America's "William F. Draper Grand Prize 2018," and his work has been featured in Art of the West, American Artist, American Art Collector, Plein Air Magazine.

Richard Carter –

Richie Carter is an artist who creates impactful, striking, yet simplistic images in his large-scale still life and landscape paintings. His works evoke emotion and create a dialogue between the rich tradition of realism and the contemporary reality of our time. Carter was born and raised in a rural community near Kalispell, Montana, where he developed the sense of adventure and creativity that shine in his paintings, which capture the reality of the Montana landscape. His work has been featured in Plein Air Magazine, Southwest Art, and Fine Art Conoisseur. Carter holds a BFA in Painting from the University of Montana and currently lives and works in his hometown in Montana.


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