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K-pop Dance



2: 7/10/2023 - 7/23/2023




K-pop fans, cover dancers, and listeners, turn your hobby and passion into official academic credit! Led by guest artists such as the choreographers of KPOP The Musical​, the teacher of legendary K-pop group Ne​wJeans​, and K-pop idols E'LAST​. You'll learn (1) the cultural significance of K-pop, (2) to master iconic dances from the 1980s and modify them for education, (3) to create a professional K-pop portfolio for performing arts and theatre, (4) the K-pop entertainment business including K-beauty and entrepreneurship. This course will boost your professional and college admission/transfer portfolios and guide you in pursuing your dream career in entertainment, business, leadership, performing arts, education, and the K-pop industry.​​

Video: ​

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive ​a K-Pop Creator Certificate​ from Oniz Labs. See the course syllabus for more details. 

Who Should Take This Class

Open to all above 16 in all levels including beginners and advanced and any major (dance, theatre, musical theatre, music, child and special education, kinesiology, media, communication, pop culture, film, science, Asian studies, and any other fields are eligible).

Who want to turn hobby into an official academic and professional career. 

Who want to build a strong college admission portfolio with diversity fulfillment and a world-class professor's recommendation letter. 

Who want to boost professional job career in arts, social media, pop culture, business, entertainment, and child, special, and physical education.

Who want to earn three college credits in two weeks with fun K-pop dance without paper exam.

Who want to expand their network with the K-pop industry as researchers or artists.

Who need education beyond YouTube and TikTok to teach K-pop in studios or schools.

Required Application Materials (please submit materials in a single document)

One-page Personal Statement & maximum two-page Resume : A single PDF

Video Audition: Link or links to at least three minutes of video of you dancing.

Course Coordinator

Chuyun Oh (Ph.D. UT Austin) is an Associate Professor of Dance Theory at San Diego State University. She is a Fulbright scholar, former professional modern/ballet dancer, and a pioneer of K-pop dance studies. Her award-winning scholarship has appeared on global media coverage, top-tier journals, and numerous anthologies and international academic conferences. She is the author of K-pop Dance: Fandoming Yourself on Social Media (Routledge, 2023), #1 Amazon New Release in Communications and Pop Dance in July 2022.

Guest Artists

MJ Choi

MJ Choi

​MJ Choi launched I LOVE DANCE (ILD) in 2006, galvanizing the K-pop culture in the greater NYC area. ILD enrolls about 600 members in dance classed each month. Beyond offering top-notch dance classes, ILD produces professional K-pop cover videos, hosts flash mobs, and offers dance performances and workshops.

MJ Choi


Lalary (랄라리) is a K-pop co-ed project group established in 2019 created by dancers who wanted to explore into the creative space by releasing original music. As of the present, they have released a Korean track titled by their namesake LALARY, and a Spanish/Korean fusion titled FIREBALL.



E'Last, formerly EBoyz, is a South Korean K-pop boy group formed by E Entertainment. The group comprises eight members: Rano, Choi In, Seungyeop, Baekgyeul, Romin, Won Hyuk, Wonjun, and Yejun. They debuted on June 9, 2020. Check out their music video "Thrill".