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tree like creature made out of clay

Creature Workshop for Animation

The application deadline for this course has passed. We are no longer accepting applications for CREATURE WORKSHOP FOR ANIMATION.





Guest Artists

Vinton Hueck, Daniel Cahill, Eric Flores, Anne Lin


Create your own 3D animated caricature creature using clay techniques combined with 3D software and scanning in a process that transcends from traditional to digital. Learn the character development and production process from industry professionals. Learn to communicate visual concepts and refine the character design process. Experience workflow using motion capture as a rapid animation tool.

Who should take this class

Sophomore-/junior-/senior-level intermediate to advanced students, graduates, and working professionals. You should have strong design skills, critical thinking skills, and a desire to learn. This course is for those with a background in 2D drawing, character design, 3D modeling/sculpting, and 3D animation.

Required application materials

  • All items should be included in one PDF document with links:
    • 300‐word bio and personal statement describing your interest in this course
    • Link to your digital portfolio with examples of your work and a demo reel. The examples of your work can include 2D sketches, 3D model stills/turntables, and/or 3D animations.

Course Coordinator

Frank Pereira

Guest Artists


Vinton Hueck​

Vinton Hucek is director/storyboard/concept artist currently directing on the end of season 3 of Harley. Vinton recently directed an hour-long episode of Invincible and, before that, Young Justice and several other Warner Bros projects, including "Batman: The Long Halloween" and "The Batman" animated series.​

Daniel Cahill

Daniel Cahill

Daniel Cahill is known for his work in video effects on blockbuster films, including “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Downsizing,” “Star Trek Beyond,” “It,” “Deathnote" and “Power Rangers: The Movie.” Cahill works extensively with 3D scanning and printing technologies, including LIDAR, photogrammetry and structured-light scanning. Cahill i​s an expert in taking a sculpted concept and turning it into a digital animation.


Eric Flores


Anne Lin​

Anne Lin is a Los Angeles-based sculptor in licensed character art, theme park, and special event props. Her early sculpting career in toy prototyping maquettes for companies like Sanrio and Disney led to her current career as a large-scale scenic artist on projects like Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.​