Systemwide Financial Reporting

Financial Statements

Consolidated Financial Statements
A-133 Single Audit Reports
CSU Audited Financial Statements
Other Audited Financial Statements
   FY 2013-2014
   FY 2012-2013
   FY 2011-2012

Financial Statement Preparation Videos

  1. An Overview of External Audits at the California State University

  2. Annual Systemwide Financial Statement Audit

  3. CSU System Single Audit and NCAA Procedures

Campus Stand-Alone Financial Statements
   FY 2013-2014
   FY 2010-2011
   FY 2009-2010
   FY 2008-2009
   FY 2007-2008
   FY 2006/2007
   FY 2005/2006

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