Financial Aid


Student financial aid programs are available to assist students in meeting the costs of obtaining a postsecondary education. Funding for student financial aid programs is provided by federal and state governments, postsecondary institutions, public and private organizations, and community and service groups.

CSU campuses participate in all federal and state student financial aid programs and administer some programs specific to the CSU and the individual campus. Financial Aid offices at each campus have professional staff members to administer these programs and to advise students regarding financing their education.


Aid Programs

A brief description of the major financial aid programs available to students attending CSU campuses with links to more comprehensive descriptions of various aid programs.


Applying for Aid

Basic information on applying for student financial aid with links to other helpful sources.


Campus Financial
Aid Web Sites

Directory of links to CSU campus financial aid websites.


Federal School Codes

(Title IV codes) used to apply for student financial aid.


Cost Of

Information on the costs of attending CSU campuses.


CSU Cost Calculator

Description of CSU's Cost Calculator (CSUCC) including a link to Internet version of CSUCC.


Answers to some frequently asked questions about student financial aid  programs and application procedures.


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