Resources for CSU Employees Impacted by Recent Fires

CSU employees and their family members who have been affected by the fires in California may be eligible to access the Payroll and Benefits resources below. For more information, please contact your local campus Payroll or Benefits Office or contact any one of the providers listed below.

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Statewide Wildfire Recovery Resources

Payroll-Related Assistance

Address Changes
Employees who need to change their address can complete the Address Change Sections (C, F and I) on the Employee Action Request (EAR - STD. 686) form and submit it to their campus payroll office.

Direct Deposit
If you are not currently enrolled in Direct Deposit and would like to have your monthly wages automatically deposited into your bank account every month, please complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization (STD. 699) form and submit it to your campus payroll office. To ensure priority processing, please inform your campus payroll office that you have been affected by the recent wildfires.

Warrants and W2
For distributions of pay warrants and live checks, or in the event you need quick access to copies of your pay warrant(s) or W2 form(s), please refer to your specific campus payroll office for assistance.

Lost/Destroyed/Missing Warrants
For pay warrants that were lost, destroyed, or never received due to the wildfires, employees can request a new warrant by contacting their campus payroll office.

LifeMatters by Empathia Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

LifeMatters by Empathia is a free, confidential counseling service that can assist you with recovering from the emotional and physical impact of the wildfires. Additional resources include referrals to local non-profit organizations, along with community-based support. The toll-free number for LifeMatters is (800) 367-7474. If you're outside of North America you can call collect at (262) 574-2509.

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Vision Service Plan (VSP)

If you are a VSP member and you have lost or broken eyewear due to the California fires, you can call the Member Services Support Line at (800) 877-7195 to have your VSP benefits reinstated regardless of eligibility. If you do not have VSP coverage, you should contact your local American Red Cross chapter, or call (800) 733-2767 and request a VSP Global Eyes of Hope gift certificate. Additional information about the Eyes of Hope gift certificate is available on VSP’s website.

CalPERS Health Plans

CalPERS health plans have provided information for members who may be impacted and/or displaced due to a wildfire. The CalPERS website includes a FAQ that answers several critical questions, such as continuity of care, network access and facility closures. You can also call CalPERS directly at (888) 225-7377 or TTY (877) 249-7442.

MetLife Legal Services

If you are a CSU employee and have been impacted by the recent fires, you have access to MetLife’s Legal Plan Disaster Relief Program until December 31, 2019. This program provides access to MetLife's network of attorneys who can provide expert legal help as it relates to disaster relief. You need not be currently enrolled in MetLife’s Legal Plan. Network attorneys can review documents related to federal aid and insurance claims, identity theft issues due to lost personal documents and provide legal help related to damaged property, along with issues related to dealing with creditor and bill collectors. To contact the MetLife Legal Customer Service Center, call (800) 821-6400 and give them your employer's name, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and indicate that you're interested in the document review and consultation services offered as part of the Disaster Relief Plan. Additional information is available on the MetLife Legal Services website.

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Catastrophic Leave

The CSU Catastrophic Leave Program allows employees who have depleted their leave credits and must miss work due to a prolonged illness or injury (including that of an eligible family member) or due to the effect of a natural disaster/state of emergency on the employee’s principal residence to request approval of catastrophic leave. For eligibility information regarding this benefit, contact your campus Benefits Office.

Optum Rx & Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy

Members who recently had a home delivery order shipped (dating back to when the fires began) can expect to receive a call from the Optum Rx member services team to confirm receipt. If the member did not receive the order, their order will be replaced and shipped to the member’s desired location(s). If a member is enrolled in the Optum Rx hassle-free fill program and prescriptions are scheduled to be mailed in the coming days, member service will be contacting them to verify if rerouting is necessary. Optum Rx also wants to remind members that the refill too soon and duplicate therapy edits have been lifted for the affected areas for the next 30 days.

California Casualty Auto & Home Insurance

CSU policy holders who have auto, homeowners or a renter’s policy with California Casualty and have been forced to evacuate their home, suffer smoke damage, or suffered other fire related damage should contact California Casualty at (800) 800-9410. Additional information is available on California Casualty’s website.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental has affirmed their commitment to provide access to care, patient eligibility, benefits information, as well as timely payment of claims and assistance of obtaining dental records if needed during this difficult time. Any member who has special or extenuating circumstances as a result of the fires should call Delta Dental Customer Service for assistance at (800) 765-6003. Additional information is available on their website.

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403(b) Supplemental Retirement Plan

If you have a CSU 403(b) Supplemental Retirement Plan (SRP) account through Fidelity Investments, you may be eligible to withdraw money from your account under certain circumstances, even while still working. Certain taxes and penalties may apply. To learn more and see what options may be available, visit Fidelity’s website.

Savings Plus Program - 401k/457(b)

If you have a Savings Plus supplemental retirement savings account, you may be eligible to withdraw money from your account under certain circumstances, even while still working. Visit the Savings Plus website to see what options may be available. Certain taxes and penalties may apply.

Unpaid Leave of Absence (LOA), including Family Medical Leave

An approved unpaid leave of absence allows employees to take time off work with a mandatory right of return when the leave ends. For more information regarding this leave benefit, contact your campus Benefits Office.