Article 24



It is the intent of this Article to provide that payroll deductions for Union members and non-members be deducted from their pay warrants insofar as permitted by Government Code Section 1153 and as mandated by HEERA. The State Controller’s Office (SCO) will assess the normal service fee for each deduction processed.

Union Dues, Assessments, Initiation Fees


The CSU/SCO agrees to deduct and transmit to the Union all authorized deductions (dues, assessments, initiation fees) from Union members within Bargaining Unit 11 who have signed and approved authorization cards for such deduction on file with the Union.


As provided in HEERA, employees shall be free to join or not join the Union.

Fair Share Fees


The CSU/SCO agrees to deduct and transmit to the Union fair share fee deductions for all non-Union members within Bargaining Unit 11.


The Union membership ratification of this agreement shall constitute notice to the University and the SCO that the Union has implemented the provisions of Section 3583.5 (a)(1) of the Government Code providing for fair share service fee collection. The amount of authorized Union deductions and fair share fees deductions shall be communicated in writing to the SCO in accordance with SCO procedures. Changes in the amounts of authorized Union deductions and fair share fees deductions shall be made upon written request by the Union to the SCO in accordance with SCO procedures.


It is recognized by the parties that the CSU/SCO does not currently have the ability to compute dues and fair share fees in the standard method of the Union (a percentage of gross pay). Thus, the obligation to make deductions herein shall be implemented, instead, by deduction in specific dollar amounts specified by the Union. Effective upon ratification of this agreement by both parties, the amounts of Union dues shall be:

TA $9.17/month
GA $6.93/month
ISA $3.65/month


The foregoing Union dues amounts and the Fair Share Fee amounts are subject to modification on written notice from the Union to reflect wage increases in the collective bargaining agreement and/or changes in the requirements of the UAW constitution or Local Union Bylaws. When the CSU/SCO becomes capable of computing and deducting dues and fair share fees using a fixed percentage of gross pay, the Union shall be notified and the CSU/SCO shall deduct dues and fair share fees on that basis.


Monies withheld will be reported and remitted on a semi-monthly basis to the Union by the SCO in accordance with SCO procedures.

Remedial Deductions


Should the CSU/SCO fail to deduct either fair share fees or Union dues from a Unit 11 employee, the CSU/SCO shall make a remedial deduction from such employees’ earnings during the subsequent monthly payroll cycle. These monies will be remitted to the UAW per 24.8.


In the event that any remedial deduction is not made and transmitted in accordance with 24.9, the parties shall meet to discuss how the error occurred and what the appropriate remedy should be.


The CSU will not be financially responsible for payment of remedial dues, initiation fees or fair share fees whenever good faith steps have been taken to make and transmit remedial deductions pursuant to 24.9 and 24.10. This provision expires upon implementation of the SCO’s new payroll system (currently referred to as the 21st Century Project or the MyCalPAYS system).


The Union agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the CSU/SCO harmless against any claim, of any nature, and against any suit instituted against the CSU/SCO, arising from its payroll deductions of the Union authorized deductions and fair share fee deductions.

VCAP Check-Off


For employees who voluntarily choose to authorize deductions from their payroll warrants to fund political activity via the Union’s VCAP deduction, that amount will be added to the dues or fair share amount as processed by the SCO.


The provisions of HEERA shall govern the deduction of authorized Union deductions and Fair Share Fees following the expiration of this Agreement.


The University and the Union will develop additional mutually agreeable administrative procedures if necessary to be consistent with SCO procedures.