Article 18



Salary schedules for employees shall be found in Appendix C and incorporated in this Agreement by reference. An employee shall be assigned a salary rate within the salary range of the appropriate classification. Teaching Associates and Graduate Assistants shall be assigned a monthly salary rate. Instructional Student Assistants shall be assigned an hourly salary rate. Appointment of an employee in the same or consecutive academic year(s) to the same classification in the same department or equivalent unit shall require the same or higher salary placement as in his/her previous appointment.

General Salary Increase


A General Salary Increase (GSI) is a negotiated percentage increase applied to the minimum and maximum rate on the salary schedule for all bargaining unit classifications and to the individual salary rates of all employees who are actively employed or in leave status on the effective date of the increase.

Fiscal Year 2005/2006


Employees who meet the eligibility criteria established by CSU policies shall be provided the option of direct deposit of their pay.