Financial Services

Financial Services

The mission of the Financial Services Division is to safeguard systemwide institutional resources; provide effective and efficient accounting and operational support; ensure compliance with Federal, State, and regulatory financial guidelines; afford proper stewardship of all fiscal resources; and provide responsive leadership and support services to facilitate the management of California State University financial assets, liabilities, and corporate operations. Financial Services strives to provide the University with a sound financial management structure, assuring reliable reporting of all revenues, expenditures, and investments. They process disbursements through their oversight of Accounts Payable, record financial transactions, direct Sponsored Programs Administration, manage CSU investment activities, produce financial statements to meet the reporting needs of the CSU, and ensure systemwide IRS compliance.

Mary Ek
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Controller
Financial Services
(562) 951-4540

Jean Gill
Assistant Controller
Financial Services
(562) 951-4318

Sue DeRosa
Sponsored Programs
(562) 951-4213

Sedong John
Systemwide Financial Standards & Reporting
(562) 951-4577

Lily Wang
Management & Accounting Practices Office
(562) 951-4628

Michael Clements
Assistant Director
Financial Services Administration
(562) 951-4091

Daniel Regan
Admin Analyst
Financial Services Administration
(562) 951-4598