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Volume 7 | Spring 2021

In this issue: The CSU Changes and Saves Lives

23: Serving the Public
Feature: On the CSU's Best-Read List
Voices: From Prison Cells to College Campuses

Brenda Wong  

From the Editor

Brenda Wong  

Welcome to a very special edition of CSUniverse! This bonus issue brings you some of the most compelling articles and stories produced in 2020 by the communications team at the CSU’s Office of the Chancellor. These articles—including one that became award-winning—offer an opportunity to explore the interconnectedness of our 23 campuses and discover anew the university’s diverse impact on the Golden State.

In this month’s Voices, hear from an administrator and an alumnus about the life-changing power of a Cal State LA program that brings higher education to incarcerated Californians. Equally important to providing an education, the program fosters hope in students and helps to break the cycle of recidivism.

And in 23​, find out from students and alumni what it means to be on the front lines and helping others during the pandemic. You’ll find their comments inspiring and empowering—just like the CSU.

Brenda G. Wong



ON The ​CSU's Best-REad List

A year’s worth of content by communications writers at the Chancellor’s Office is whittled down to their most-read articles. See those pieces—​and what the writers wished had gotten more attention.



A CSU program offers hope, educational degrees and, sometimes, a second chance to Californians currently or formerly incarcerated. Hear from one alumnus.

'I was supposed to die in prison'
23 Taking the Lead background

For the Public Good

Students and alumni on the front lines share what it’s been like to serve the past year.​

23 Voices. 1 Story.
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