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Volume 3 | Spring 2020​

In this issue: ​​​​​How the CSU puts students​ on the road to success
23: Must-take field trips
Features: Life lessons outside of the classroom
​Events: What's happening on CSU campuses ​

Brenda Wong  

​From the Editor​

Mark Woodland  

A college education is more than just lectures and laptops. A CSU education prepares students for life and for success—in ways often intangible, and out of the classroom.

This issue of CSUniverse showcases how the university readies students to achieve and to improve their community, the state and the world. Preparation and planning strike a chord with student musicians who traveled to Seoul to perform on a renowned stage. Football players mentor at-risk boys through an outreach program and find that it's not just the kids who benefit. And, a CSU alumna and international diplomat from a farming family recalls how her years at a public university put her on the path to greatn​ess alongside gradu​ates from elite universities—at a fraction of the cost.

In the CSUniverse departments, get set to take a road trip, ​listen to tales of vibrant success and discover news about the CSU that you might have missed. 23 features the hidden treasures on each campus  available for public exploration and enjoyment. Notables highlights how a $10 million donation will promote student success. Voi​​ces showcase campus features that helped students and alumni thrive. And In Case You Mi​ssed It reminds you how well CSU campuses rank in diversity and social mobility.

It's impossible not to be proud of how the CSU produces and continues to influence students to become leaders in their own community, nationally or globally. Share your pride and these links and stories from CSUniverse with your friends and colleagues!

​Brenda G. Wong​​

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For Science Taught Creatively

Take a Bow—or Three

One year of planning. Seven months of rehearsal. First flights for students. That’s what it took to ge​t Cal State San Bernardino’s 40-member orchestra to Seoul to perform its first international concert. The ultimate payoff? A resounding ovation. Watch the vid​eo.

A Concerted Effort
For They’ve Got the Beat

‘like my little brother’

Relating to the experiences of 15 at-risk boys—some who lack a parent or are exposed to violence—San José State football players run interference and serve as the kids' mentors. In giving back to the community, the players find the experience as powerful for them as it is for the ​y​oung boys.

Hero Worship
For Cause and Effect

It’s All Due to CSU

An alumna and international diplomat who has worked all over the world and with Yale and Harvard graduates is grateful for her CSU education. “I’m performing well, I’m able to compete and move forward foreign policy. I got my education at CSUMB, and I’m very proud of that.”

Where Her Journey Began​


The university ranks high in social mobility. Donations climb upward. Other good news.


In light of recent developments, limited events are ​planned throughout the state.


Faculty and staff works include those about Cal Maritime, intersex and sanctuary cities.


Students and a recent grad disclose the campus feature that helped them succeed.​

In Case You Missed It​

Within the CSU: community service in lieu of tuiti​on, an NCAA title and a Grammy Award.​

23 Treasures background

23 Treasures

Each campus shares a little-known site ​or hidden gem that's worth a field trip.​

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