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Students identify the people or departments they’ve been grateful for over the past 18 months.​

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Bakersfield-Divyang-Motavar.jpgBakersfield-Divyang-Motavar10/6/2021 10:29 AMBakersfieldCSU Bakersfield
As an international student who had never lived away from home, to come to the other side of the world is scary. If it weren’t for the Counselling Center on campus, I don’t know if I would be where I am now. Thank you, CSUB Counselling Center, for making sure, we, the students are doing well.
Divyang Motavar
Junior, Computer Science and Theatre
Channel-Islands-Zachary-Leja.jpgChannel-Islands-Zachary-Leja10/6/2021 10:29 AMChannel IslandsCSU Channel Islands
Before I came to work as a student assistant for our emergency manager, Maggie Tougas, I had no idea about all that goes into emergency management, especially with COVID. Preparation for vaccines, testing and any infections falls on just a few people who are always prepared, thanks to Maggie.
Zachary Leja
Junior, Political Science
Chico-Bryce-Deabel.jpgChico-Bryce-Deabel10/6/2021 10:29 AMChicoChico State
I’ve worked for four years with the Facilities Management and Services grounds crew, and it is incredible to see the immense detail placed into Chico State’s landscape. Not only is the FMS grounds crew great at their jobs, they [also] care about one another and the students working by their side.
Bryce Deabel
Senior, Civil Engineering
DominguezHills-Katrina-Felipe.jpgDominguezHills-Katrina-Felipe10/6/2021 10:30 AMDominguez HillsCSU Dominguez Hills
My dance team coach, Cilecia Foster, never lets us settle for anything but our best in the classroom and on the dance floor. She once said, ‘I’m proud of you as long as you are proud of you.’ She is my hero and absolute inspiration. I wouldn’t be the woman I am without her!
Katrina Felipe
Senior, Kinesiology
East-Bay-Omar-Alvarez-Espinosa.jpgEast-Bay-Omar-Alvarez-Espinosa10/6/2021 10:30 AMEast BayCal State​ East Bay
An academic counselor tells students what classes they need to take. However, few personify the comfort of a new home and inspire the confidence to tackle impending academic and social challenges. My first remote semester at East Bay was a time of learning and support. Thank you, Gerardo Ureño Sotelo.
Omar Alvarez Espinosa
Senior, Psychology
Fresno-Dessalines_Yamoussou.jpgFresno-Dessalines_Yamoussou10/6/2021 10:30 AMFresnoFresno State
My unsung hero is Dr. T. Hasan Johnson. On a myriad of occasions, he has gone above the call of duty for his students. He embodies the characteristics associated with a hero. Dr. Johnson is the representation of Black excellence I hope to achieve in my educational endeavors.
Dessalines Yamoussou
Second-year graduate student, History
Fullerton-Andrea-Casillas.jpgFullerton-Andrea-Casillas10/6/2021 10:31 AMFullertonCal State Fullerton
The unsung hero at Cal State Fullerton is Bruce Donovan. Bruce is a building services engineer at the dorms on campus. My freshman year, he was always happy to help with any issues that my roommates and I had. He would wave and say good morning to everyone.
Andrea Casillas
Junior, Communications
Humboldt-Bryce-Mitchell.jpgHumboldt-Bryce-Mitchell10/6/2021 10:32 AMHumboldtHumboldt State
My unsung hero is Drew Peterson, one of the weightlifting coaches at the SRC [Student Recreation Center]. Coach Peterson was the first person who made me feel welcomed at HSU. He got to know me and was able to really improve my overall strength and confidence in the weight room.
Bryce Mitchell
Sophomore, Business Administration
Long-Beach-Sarath-Cornelio.jpgLong-Beach-Sarath-Cornelio10/6/2021 10:36 AMLong BeachCal State Long Beach
The people who run Not Alone @the Beach are an irreplaceable part of the CSULB community because of the psychological and emotional support they give victims of sexual assault. They are unsung heroes at CSULB.
Sarath Cornelio
Senior, Journalism
Los-Angeles-Eduardo-Castellanos.jpgLos-Angeles-Eduardo-Castellanos10/6/2021 10:36 AMLos AngelesCal State LA
Athletics Facilities and Events Manager Dameion ‘Lucky’ Smith’s tireless efforts to provide an exceptional experience for student-athletes and staff don’t go unnoticed. From being on campus for 6 a.m. trainings and not leaving until the last athletic event is over, Lucky does everything with a contagious, positive attitude.
Eduardo Castellanos
Senior, Business Administration
Maritime-shannon_stel.jpgMaritime-shannon_stel10/6/2021 10:36 AMMaritime AcademyCal Maritime
Andrea Zamora Blair works in HR and has done everything from helping cadets get a job on campus to helping them move out of their rooms. She works relentlessly, making sure that all jobs are posted on the website and all forms and files are up to date.
Shannon Stel
Senior, Global Studies and Maritime Affairs
Monterey-Benjamin-Adair.jpgMonterey-Benjamin-Adair10/6/2021 10:36 AMMonterey BayCSU Monterey Bay
I’m a student intern who works with Susan Mangan, special events assistant. She is constantly running around doing tasks for the University Affairs, Ceremonies and Events department. No matter what she’s doing, she always has a smile on her face. Her work ethic, personality and genuineness cannot be replicated.
Benjamin Adair
Junior, Psychology
Northridge-Sydnee-Roddy.jpgNorthridge-Sydnee-Roddy10/6/2021 10:36 AMNorthridgeCSUN​
Some of my unsung heroes at CSUN would definitely be Professor Nate Thomas, student workers that put their personal lives aside to work on campus, as well as any staff helping to maintain the spread of COVID-19.
Sydnee Roddy
Senior, Journalism and Public Relations
Pomona-Clarissa-Castro.jpgPomona-Clarissa-Castro10/6/2021 10:36 AMPomonaCal Poly Pomona
The unsung heroes on campus have to be the students working at the dining centers. The Starbucks crew at the library is always busy but they never fail to fulfill our caffeine needs while keeping the area clean. Thank you, dining services crew, for everything you do!
Clarissa Castro
Senior, Sociology
Sacramento-Samantha-A.-Elizalde.jpgSacramento-Samantha-A.-Elizalde10/6/2021 10:36 AMSacramentoSacramento State
Sandra Gallardo, who has served as the Associated Students executive director for the past four years, exemplifies service leadership. She tirelessly pulled this organization through a pandemic and kept ASI afloat. The interest of students and her employees are at the forefront of all issues.
Samantha A. Elizalde
Senior, Political Science
SanBernardino-Jaymi-Triplett.jpgSanBernardino-Jaymi-Triplett10/6/2021 10:36 AMSan BernardinoCal State San Bernardino
During COVID-19, I appreciated CSUSB faculty’s resiliency and willingness to adapt to online instruction. Emily Carian, assistant professor of sociology, always made an extra effort to provide students an exceptional learning experience. Thank you to all faculty who went above and beyond during these challenging times!
Jaymi Triplett
Senior, Sociology
San-Diego-Ruth-Teseyem-Tadesse.jpgSan-Diego-Ruth-Teseyem-Tadesse10/6/2021 10:36 AMSan DiegoSan Diego State
Libby Skiles, the director of Student Health Services, is an unsung hero because a lot of the work she does is behind closed doors. Libby’s meticulous nature and careful analyses have helped keep the SDSU community safe during this unprecedented COVID pandemic!
Ruth Teseyem Tadesse
Second-year graduate student
Public Health Policy and Management
San-Francisco-Karina-Zamora.jpgSan-Francisco-Karina-Zamora10/6/2021 10:36 AMSan FranciscoSan Francisco State
The unsung heroes of San Francisco State are the custodians, especially now, more than ever. Because of them and their constant sanitation of common areas, I feel much safer being on campus, despite COVID-19. I greatly appreciate their sanitation efforts.
Karina Zamora
Senior, Criminal Justice and Philosophy
San-Jose-Catherine-Hernandez.jpgSan-Jose-Catherine-Hernandez10/6/2021 10:35 AMSan JoséSan José State
Some of the unsung heroes at my campus are our academic advisers. It’s no secret that this year was tough for students. Thanks to the Engineering Student Success Center, I felt confident and informed for all my courses. The advisers provided me with a lot of relief as a student!
Catherine Hernandez
Sophomore, Software Engineering
San-Luis-Obispo-Tinna-Einarsdottir.jpgSan-Luis-Obispo-Tinna-Einarsdottir10/6/2021 10:35 AMSan Luis ObispoCal Poly San Luis Obispo
Distribution Services was one of the first divisions I interacted with as a freshman when having my textbooks delivered. I was always made to feel welcome on my new campus. Now as a senior, I see what an integral role Distribution Services plays across campus to keep the university running.
Tinna Einarsdottir
Senior, Economics
San-Marcos-Avalon-Freeman.jpgSan-Marcos-Avalon-Freeman10/6/2021 10:35 AMSan MarcosCSU San Marcos
Our maintenance and facilities staff works hard to ensure our campus looks nice and is well kept and safe. They clean up after students repeatedly and especially made sure the campus was as clean and safe as possible over this past year. Plus, they’re super friendly and approachable!
Avalon Freeman
Senior, Psychology
Sonoma-Abby-Reitman.jpgSonoma-Abby-Reitman10/6/2021 10:35 AMSonomaSonoma State
A major unsung hero is Erik Dickson, SSU’s Associated Students executive director who helps to lead the student government. He has his hand in everything from event planning to mentoring the student staff to just keeping our office running. He’s someone I always go to for help.
Abby Reitman
Senior, Creative Writing
Stanislaus-Justine-Quiralte-Reyes.jpgStanislaus-Justine-Quiralte-Reyes10/6/2021 10:35 AMStanislausStanislaus State
The custodial staff at Stan State are some of the unsung heroes on our campus. They always look out for students, even before and after regular school hours. They are so respectful and kind—they always find simple ways to show that they care.
Justine Quiralte-Reyes
Junior, Music Education
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