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Volume 2 | Fal​l 2019

In this issue:​​​
23: Inspired by veterans
Features: Preparing California’s future
​Departments: Notables, news and Newsom​

Brenda Wong  

​From the Editor​

Mark Woodland  

Thank you for the warm welcome you gave to the debut issue of CSUniverse in August! Your reception illustrated the value of this online publication, highlighting the best and the breadth of our 23 campuses. Truly, there’s no simpler way to discover what the CSU brings to its students, communities and the state.

In this issue of CSUniverse, you'll catch a glimpse of the many ways the CSU is preparing graduates for success in their careers and in their communities. From a hands-on approach to science education that includes soda pop volcanos to the complexities of teaching physics or the challenges of training the next generation of law enforcement officers, you'll discover how campuses prepare CSU grads to achieve, become leaders and take on challenges, shaping and improving our state—and the world.

While you're here, take a moment to visit the Notables page and see a sampling of the national accolades CSU campuses have received recently. Be sure to check out Voices to hear from faculty across the university. And let 23 inspire you with student stories reflecting on the men and women who served our country and then served as a source of inspiration to each of them. Our new department, In Case You Missed It, is where you'll find content of particular interest about the CSU​and access to the first issue of CSUniverse. 

Please feel free to share links and stories from CSUniverse with your friends and colleagues. The story of the CSU is one of empowerment and progress. Help us spread the word!​

Brenda G. Wong​

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For Science Taught Creatively

Science Taught Creatively

Can science entertain and educate? Absolutely! To address California’s teacher shortage and educate current and future instructors, Cal State East Bay’s Hands-On Science Teaching Labs explore how science can be made fun for middle schoolers. Read how metal balls and blue flour are capturing students’ attention.​

For They’ve Got the Beat

They’ve Got the Beat

Aspiring peace officers in Fresno State’s Criminology 108 take to the streets much sooner than candidates elsewhere. Students in the partnership with the county sheriff's office attend an academy, go on patrol and make arrests—all while going after their bachelor’s. The work is hard, but the results are rewarding. ​

For Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect

From taking a selfie to driving a car, physics surrounds us. Yet there aren’t enough teachers around to teach the next generation of budding physicists. Cal State Long Beach is working to fill the void, building on Long Beach Unified School District's 2014 decision to require four years of math in high school.



University successes include  national rankings, grants and a $1 million screenplay winner.


Throughout the CSU, campuses host a variety of academic, social and philanthropic activities.


Faculty, staff and alumnus write about football tailgating, class conflict, firescaping and more.


Four CSU faculty members share how they prepare students for success and life after college.​

In Case You Missed It​

Catch up on compelling CSU-related news, including remarks from Governor Newsom.​

23 SALUTES background


CSU students on each campus celebrate the veterans who have influenced them immeasurably.​

23 voices. ​1 Story​.​
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