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Transpara Job Posting

​Content Crafter at Transpara- Paid position

Want to be a content-creating machine at Transpara, including valuable tech industry ​experience that opens up endless opportunities in the future?

Love to learn, record, edit, write, post, and publish great content and stories through video and other means?

Transpara is looking for a self-motivated intern to help us turn up the volume on our content creation. Are you the one?​

The Basics:

Transpara ( is a cutting-edge software company that makes real-time data visualization, dashboards, analytics and alerting software for large enterprises. We have hundreds of customers across the globe in industries like energy, telecommunications, infrastructure, oil & gas, mining, IT/data centers, manufacturing and more.

We need an enthusiastic intern in San Francisco (contract position, paid) to join our small but fun team in 2020 to help us generate more and better content through multiple channels. We need everything from video production (the initial focus) to tweets, blog posts and social media so everything is fair game. No matter the size or scope, our intern’s work saves us time and money and helps our small team scale. 

Are you a fit? Here are the requirements:

• Self-starter: You don’t sit around waiting for perfectly crafted tasks to fall in your lap. You have a history of making things better and getting things done even if you weren’t specifically asked to.

• Excellent writing/communication skills: Even if you only do video, your ability to communicate internally and externally with words is crucial.

• Productive/prolific: You love to finish things and get them out the door

• Creative: New ideas are constantly bouncing around your brain and trying to escape.

• Active on social media: You are skilled in social media platforms and like to post often. 

• Tech-literate: no need to be a geek, but you are already experienced with producing and communication via electronic means. You also have the ability to learn a new tool rapidly.

• Love creating video and flinging it into the Internet: You follow the latest trends and hacks for making great videos quickly and getting the most out of them. 

• Impact-generator: You want to make a big impact with your work and be proud of it.

• Great at time management: You deliver when you say you will, you communicate often, you take detailed notes, create to-do lists, and ask if you have questions.

• Flexible: Transpara is a small company and things change fast, but you are never shaken by change and real-time decisions.


• Video editing: we have some existing video that needs some polishing. This will be a great way to start, experience our style of work and tools, and for us to see what you’re best at.

• Video production: This could range from simple web meeting screen share tips and tricks to full interviews with customers or us on a real or location set.

• Discover new stories: You’ll work directly with the foundering team to extract all the great knowledge, opinion and stories in their heads and helping to decide what to do with it. 

• Create other forms of content (beyond just video): once you get to know us and our product, you will ideally translate what you learn into social media posts, blog content, photos, collateral, and other uses. 

• Publish: Be part of the team that creates the content strategy and calendar along with the automation platform, execute on it frequently, and monitor the results.

What we offer:

• Transparency: We will let you know what we thing, and include you as much as possible. Interns are first-class citizens at Transpara.

• The tools to do your job properly: we’re happy to supply the environment and tools for success so you can focus on learning new skills.

• Flexibility: You will work from wherever you want (we do). Transpara has no formal offices by design so you could call us a virtual company, even though it has been this way for almost 15 years.

• Challenge: Our internship program is designed to give you a challenging and rewarding experience—along with great experience and a lot of cool videos for your portfolio. 

• A chance to keep going: There is no shortage of things to work on at Transpara, so if it works out then there would be no reason to stop.

Next Steps:

Send your CV and contact details to​ along with why this might be a fit for you. We look forward to chatting.