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Hamboning Media LLC Internship

Hamboning Media LLC seeks a Media Research and Development Intern (MMRDI). Under supervisio​n, produce research and development videos utilizing archival materials from a company archive. The videos will be used to create brand-compliant social media postings, trailers, new projects, and other avenues.

Job Responsibilities:

- Collect, research, and gather archival footage from the company's cloud storage.

- Design and edit short multimedia montages using the archival footage.

- Output video for multimedia projects, including cross reality projects, social media, industry mixers, and other avenues.

- Apply corrective techniques to the digitized archival pieces using Adobe Creative Cloud.

- Bilingual in English and Spanish is a plus.

This position will be working remotely and following all California recommendations and Los Angeles recommendations for COVID-19 ​

​Intern / Employee duties include:

- Researching and analyzing media, including old films, television shows, new footage, game captures, and other media.

- Design and edit a video montage using selections from the media. - Analyze and create montages based upon brand-specific guidelines.

- Utilize cloud storage for uploading and retrieval of media.

Desired Qualifications:

- Desire to have fun while working and a good sense of humor

- Love of media and technology savvy, including knowledge of video games, Twitch, YouTube, films, and shows

- Ability to use one’s Google-fu to traverse the web and find different content for creations

- Knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and Illustrator, and/or other content creation software

- Bilingual in Spanish is a plus

Please include the following:

- Resume

- Cover Letter

- Link to a short montage of a reel and/or a link to a portfolio

- List of software proficiencies, particularly content creation such as the Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, Game Engines, etc.

The cover letter should describe your brand, favorite media, and why you want to work with content creation. Please outline content creation software that you’ve used, such as from the Adobe suite, Autodesk, or other companies. Demonstration of the ability to have fun and be funny is a plus.

Send all of this to:

For more information about the company: