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Hamboning Media LLC Internship

Hamboning Media LLC is looking for a virtual intern to help with Social Media, Branding, and Development!

Under supervision, the intern will research trends and products in virtual reality, video games, content creators, gaming broadcasts, and web series. Based on the research, the intern will be responsible for creating social media posts that fit the brand and image of the company and producing reports based on trends and products.

Job Responsibilities:

- Collect, research, and gather information from internal and external sites regarding virtual reality, video games, content creators, and web series.

- Create potential brand-compliant social media posts based on trends, research, and short creations.

- Review video games, series, scripts, and other media supplied by the company.

- Write written coverage reports for projects and potential projects.​


- Basic understanding of social media platforms and creating a social media presence.

- Basic knowledge of content creation apps, such as Adobe Creative Cloud or other imaging apps.

- Passion for video games, Twitch, YouTube, and other media by content creators.

- Knowledge of newer media technology such as motion capture, photogrammetry, LED walls, virtual production, and volumetric filmmaking is a plus.

- Bilingual in English and Spanish is a plus.

To apply:

 Please include the following:

- Resume

- Cover Letter

- A single page pdf that contains mock-up posts for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

- List of software proficiencies, particularly content creation such as the Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, Game Engines, etc.

- Examples of script coverage (optional)

- Link to a short montage of a reel and/or a link to a portfolio (optional)

 The cover letter should describe your brand, favorite media, and why you want to work with content creation. Demonstration of the ability to have fun and be funny is a plus.

The single page pdf should contain a different post for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The post should announce a new YouTube episode of a funny and whacky gaming series playing BroForce. Feel free to include images or links to videos.

Send all of this to:

For more information about the company: